Jamai 2.0: DD Brings In A New Accomplice To Break #SidNi In Season 2 But There’s A Twist!

DD has always wanted Sidharth to be out of Roshni’s life and in this powerpack season 2 of Jamai 2.0, she has brought in a new accomplice to break #SidNi.

Aditi Sharma

March 3, 2021


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Jamai 2.o is a ZEE5 Original starring Nia Sharma, Ravi Dubey and Achint Kaur in the lead role. The first season of the web-show was much-loved by the audience and the second season of Jamai 2.0 was recently released on the streaming platform. The narrative follows the story of Sidharth who is determined to take revenge from DD. However, he falls in love with DD’s daughter Roshni and so the saga of love and revenge begins.

In the second season of Jamai 2.0, Sid is staying at DD’s place and she is sceptical about Sid as she always finds him at the wrong places and is wary of his real intentions. In the first season, DD planned to separate Sid from Roshni by bringing in Roshni’s childhood friend. While she wasn’t successful then, DD being the stubborn lady that she is,  was all set to repeat the history this time as well. The only difference being, this time it was strictly business.

Jamai 2.0
Source: ZEE5
Jamai 2.0
Source: ZEE5

DD calls her detective to find out a young and handsome man who can be an investor in her business. The detective then finds Abeer whom she invites at home to talk about business. DD also asks Roshni to stay at home as she wants Abeer to work with her. As Vin Rana’s character marks an entry inside her mansion (as Abeer), DD asks him to coordinate with Roshni for all the business they would be doing together.

Jamai 2.0
Source: ZEE5

Abeer eventually gets attracted to Roshni and tries to get friendly with her. He also makes sure he gives emotional support to Roshni in order to develop a good rapport with her. When Abeer sees Roshni’s fight with Sid, he tries to come closer to her by manipulating her against Sid.

Roshni also tries to make Sid jealous by enjoying some beach time with Abeer. When Ahana, Abeer’s sister comes in, she also makes sure to give her brother what he wants and that’s Roshni. Ahana also makes effort to lure Sidharth so Roshni and Abeer can spend some “quality” time together.

Jamai 2.0
Source: ZEE5

And all this while, when we were thinking about Abeer being a thorn in Sid and Roshni’s relationship, turns out to be something more intense instead. Abeer finally reveals himself as a CBI officer who was investigating DD and her multiple businesses. Also, Ahana who everyone thought is Abeer’s sister, turns out to be his girlfriend. So while DD assumed she was playing the game all this while, it was in fact, Abeer and Ahana who controlled all her moves.

Also towards the end, we saw Roshni getting engaged to Abeer. Now it remains to be seen if Sid will return with revenge against Roshni in season 3 of Jamai 2.0. If yes, that would be another interesting turn in the show’s storyline.

Want to know more about the twists in Jamai 2.0 Season 2? Binge-watch it on ZEE5.

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