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Happy Birthday Jai Akash: Surprising Facts About Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham’s Surya

Bhavna Gandikota

March 18, 2021

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On Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham’s Jai Akash’s birthday, read a few facts that you might have not known about him!

Jai Akash Nageswaran has won several hearts as Surya from Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham. No one but him could have pulled off the role with such conviction! As he turns 40 today, we bring you a few lesser-known facts about the actor that would surprise you for sure!

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1) Jai Akash’s real name

Contrary to popular belief, Jai Akash is his stage name. The actor’s real name is Satish Nageswaran, which not a lot of people know. He changed his name to Jai Akash once he entered the world of movies. However, most of us only know and love him as Jai Akash Nageswaran!

Surya in Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham
Source: ZEE5

2) Jai Akash’s birthplace and citizenship

Jai Akash’s birthplace and citizenship has been a question mark. Some say that the actor was born and brought up in the UK and some say that he was born in Sri Lanka. As it turns out, the actor was born in Sri Lanka, but brought up in London. He holds the British citizenship as of now!

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham
Source: ZEE5

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3) Number of films 

Jai Akash ruled the film industry just like he rules the Television screens today. The actor has over 40 films to his credit. Not restricting himself to just Tamil, he has movies in around six languages, including Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam and English. No wonder he seems like a natural!

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham
Source: ZEE5

4) Number of awards

Having acted in over 6 languages, it is a given that the actor has had several awards. He has won over 6 Telugu state awards including the Nandis and Andhra Cine awards. He has worked with directors like Srinu Vaitla and was a big name in that industry too!

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham


5) Jai Akash the director

Jai Akash has also directed over 6 films while acting in them. There is a reason that he is so widely loved, it is because there is no limit to his talent! He was also a choreographer for a film. Wouldn’t you want to watch those moves?

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