Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham: Instances When Destiny Played A Key Role In The Show

As Surya’s mother gifts the necklace to Anu, let us revisit all the instances where destiny played a role in Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham!

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March 18, 2021


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Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham deals with several interesting characters but none of them play a role as vital as destiny. From time to time, there are incidents that happen and have no explanation for them. Here are all the times when we didn’t see it coming but destiny made things happen for the characters of the show.

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1) When Surya’s mother gifted the necklace to Anu

When Surya had tried to gift a necklace to Anu, she refused to take a gift that expensive from him. Surya had to gift it to his mother. Later, when Sharada met Anu at Surya’s office, she felt that the necklace belonged to Anu as it was perfect for her. The necklace made its way back to Anu in a way that you wouldn’t expect.

2) When Surya’s London trip got cancelled 

Surya was almost about to board his flight to London when he decided that he did not want to go without meeting Anu. As fate would have it, it turned out to be a lifesaving decision because Surendran had made his way out of the jail and was waiting to kill Surya at the first chance he got! Had Surya gone to London, he could have gotten killed there too.

3) When Anu managed to find the Devanandini files

There is a connection between Devanandini and Anu, that we might not fully know as of now. However, when there was no chance for it, Anu ended up finding the Devanandini files and fell unconscious. Her subconscious mind ended up taking her to Surya’s house when she herself did not know the address.

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham
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4) When Anu met Sharada in the temple

Anu ended up meeting Sharada at the temple when there was no chance for it. It only went on to show that there was something that bound the ladies together. Sharada had always wanted to meet Anu but when she did meet Anu, she did not know that it was her. Destiny was one of the major reasons how they managed to meet.

5) When Anu and Surya had to share the same room

When Surya managed to stop the bus to prevent Anu from moving to another city, it was one of the first times they realised how much they liked each other. However, they managed to get closer to each other after they had to spend some time together that night. It was probably the universe’s way of telling them why they are meant to be!

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