Hamariwali Good News: Not Ammaji But Aditya Turned Out To Be The Biggest Enemy Of The Tiwari Family

Surpassing Aammaji and Alok, Aditya turned out to be the biggest villain of the Tiwari family and here is why we think so.

Debanjali Kabiraj

April 16, 2021


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Zee TV’s popular serial Hamariwali Good News stars Juhi Parmar as Renuka, Shakti Anand as Mukund and Srishti Jain as Navya in the lead roles. Renuka, Navya and Mukund have been facing many problems since the beginning and it has been quite clear that it was Ammaji who was behind all the hurdles faced by them. But in a recent episode of Hamariwali Good News, we get to know that it was actually Aditya, Renuka and Mukund’s son, who was responsible for the recent kidnappings and other problems. The recent change in Aditya’s character has certainly intrigued the audience and we wonder what will happen next in the show.

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Aditya was initially an ideal son and ideal husband for Renuka and Navya respectively. He always took care of his mother’s happiness and supported his wife in times of need. But after some time he started changing and he became more and more corrupted with each day. From leaving his wife Navya for another girl called Akki to joining hands with Ammaji and Alok in order to torment his family for his own self-interest, Aditya has crossed all limits and has turned out to be a constant source of problem for the Tiwari family. Here is why we think he is the biggest villain in the Tiwari family.

Aditya and Akki in Hamari wali Good News
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He abducted Navya and Renuka and now ordered to kill them

While for a very long time the audience were led to believe that it was Sumitra and Alok who planned the abduction of Navya and Renuka, it has finally been revealed that it was actually Aditya who planned the abduction. He was the one who instructed his men to kidnap both and keep them in the warehouse. He even ordered his men to kill both of them. Aditya went on to say that he might love his mother a lot but he loves no one more than himself. That definitely sounds like a self-centered villain.

Navya in Hamariwali Good News
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He ordered Sumitra and Alok to trouble Mukund-Renuka and Navya

Sumitra and Alok have been executing many evil plans to disrupt the peace in the Tiwari household. But Aditya was the actual mastermind behind all these plans. He has been keeping Sumitra and Alok in the forefront so that his true colours are not revealed to his family members and he can keep up the act of a good son. Sumitra and Alok have hatched many plans in order to create a rift between Renuka and Mukund and it was actually Aditya who ordered them to do so so that he can take the property owned by the Tiwaris all for himself.

Sumitra and Alok in Hamariwali Good News
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Now that Navya knows about the real intentions of Aditya and knows that the others have been working on the instructions given by Aditya, will she be able to rescue Renuka with herself or will she fall prey to Aditya’s plan to kill her? Watch Hamariwali Good news to know what happens in future.

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