Hamariwali Good News: 5 Times When Sumitra Conspired Dangerous Plans Against Renuka And Family For Her Own Selfish Interests

Here are times when Sumitra plotted treacherous plans against Renuka and the Tiwari family for her own benefit.

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April 16, 2021



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Zee TV’s popular serial Hamariwali Good News stars Juhi Parmar as Renuka, Shakti Anand as Mukund and Srishti Jain as Navya Tiwari in the lead roles. Renuka’s sister-in-law Sumitra (Kiran Sharma) has been a source of constant chaos and problems for the Tiwari family. She has been trying to create a rift in the Tiwari family since the beginning and has always been after their wealth. Here are some instances when Sumitra plotted dangerous conspiracies against Renuka and the Tiwari family.

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Kidnapped Renuka’s child

In one of the episodes, Sumitra along with Aditya and Alok kidnapped Renuka’s baby and kept him hidden in a warehouse. She faked concern in front of the family members while she held captive the newborn baby. The reason behind the kidnapping was that she wanted the baby to never be a part of the Tiwari family. That way, without a successor, she could own all the wealth that belongs to Mukund and Renuka.

 Sumitra in Hamari Wali Good News
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Provokes Mukund against Renuka’s pregnancy

When Renuka becomes pregnant, Sumitra calls many transgenders to the house and tells them to bless the unborn child. When all the neighbours assemble in front of the house, Sumitra tells everyone that Renuka is going to be a mother again at old age. This embarrasses Renuka and Mukund in front of everyone and Mukund leaves. Later, Sumitra provokes Mukund and says that even she feels like hiding somewhere due to the shame brought by Renuka.

Mukund in Hamari Wali Good News
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Faked being attached by Renuka

In one of the episodes, Sumitra calls her goons to the house and instructs them to hold Renuka captive. In another room, she fakes getting hurt and then stages a scene which looked like Renuka was trying to kill her. She times it in such a way that Mukund arrives at that point in time and misunderstands the situation. He shouts at Renuka for trying to kill his sister and does not believe anything that she says.

Sumitra in Hamari Wali Good News
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Tried to get Sukanya killed

In another incident, Sumitra planned to get Sukanya killed without anyone’s knowledge. She plots for her goons to kill Sukanya in the ashram so that Mukund does not get to know about it. But Renuka foils her plan and reveals it to Mukund. Sumitra’s treacherous plan falls flat but she still manages to fake her innocence and thus gets away with this conspiracy.

Sukanya in Hamari Wali Good news
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Kidnapped Navya

At around the same time when she kidnapped Renuka’s child, Sumitra along with Aditya and Alok kidnapped Navya. Sumitra never liked Navya since she got married into the Tiwari household. She always used to taunt her for not being able to bear a child. Navya never bowed her head in front of Sumitra and that is why she had an extreme dislike for Navya. They kidnapped her because she could have been a hurdle in their way.

Navya in Hamari Wali ood News
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