Hamariwali Good News: As Meera Gets Ready To Pose As Renuka, Here’s What Can Happen Next

Meera is convinced that Ammaji and Aditya are trying to harm the Tiwari’s. As she gets ready to pose as Renuka and seek justice, here’s what we can expect next.

Debanjali Kabiraj

May 4, 2021



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Zee TV’s popular serial Hamariwali Good News stars Juhi Parmar as Renuka, Shakti Anand as Mukund and Shristi Jain as Navya in the lead roles. In the recent episode, we see that Mukund comes across Meera in Delhi who looks exactly like Renuka and starts chasing after her. When Meera gets to know about Renuka’s death and Ammaji (Kiran Sharma) and Aditya’s (Raghav Tiwari) plan to catch Mukund and Navya, she decides to help them in finding evidence against them. To do so, Meera suggests she should pose as Renuka and starts training to look like her and talk like her. With her getting trained to pose like Renuka, here’s what might happen next in the show.

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Ammaji and Aditya might try to physically harm her

If Aditya and Ammaji see Meera in Renuks’s look they might mistake her to be Renuka and might try to harm her physically. With Renuka dead, they did not have the fear that someone might rat out their evil actions. But if they assume that Renuka is alive, they will have the fear that she might reveal that it was Ammaji and Aditya who were the ones who tried to kill her and she might turn out to be the eye witness who can send them to jail for their deeds.

Aditya and Ammaji in Hamariwali Good News
Source: ZEE5

Navya and Meera might find clues against them

The motive behind Meera’s new look is that they can make Ammaji and Aditya believe that Renuka is alive and can send them into a state of panic. When in panic, people normally make a lot of mistakes and these mistakes can be clues for Navya and Meera that they can use in order to prove their crimes and get justice for Renuka.

Meera and Navya in Hamariwali Good News
Source: ZEE5

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Meera and Mukund might come closer

Mukund believes that Meera is Renuka and that she has just forgotten them due to the incident of explosion. During the time when Meera poses as Renuka, Mukund might develop feelings for her as she looks exactly like Renuka. Meera might have to put up an act of being married to Mukund in order to make it believable for Ammaji and Aditya and in the process they might come closer to each other.

Meera and Mukund in Hamariwali Good News
Source: ZEE5

Meera might be revealed to be Renuka

Meera might have a very different look and style as compared to Renuka but the fans might be in for a surprise. At the end of the process, once Aditya and Ammaji are behind the bars we might find out that Meera is, in fact, Renuka and has been putting up the façade in order to catch the culprits who tried to kill her and inflict harm on her family.

Meera in Hamariwali Good News
Source: ZEE5

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