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Ganesh Chaturthi 2020: 6 Eco-Friendly Idols You Should Opt For This Year Inspired By Prarthana Behere And Ravi Jadhav

Kedar Koli

August 20, 2020

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Eco-friendly Ganesh idols are the need of the hour and these Marathi celebs seem to agree. Here are six eco-friendly options you should consider like them.

The celebrations for the 10-day long festival of Ganesh Chaturthi will commence from August 22. The festival will begin across Maharashtra with the usual pomp and grandeur. However, with increasing awareness about the environment, people are exploring different eco-friendly options this year. Many of the celebrities like Prarthana Behere and Ravi Jadhav, have already stepped out of their comfort zones and tried making a Ganpati idol at home with clay. While Ti And Ti actress Prarthana is a first-timer in carving the idol with clay, Natrang director Ravi revealed that it’s his 18th year of making an eco-friendly Ganpati at home. Feeling inspired already? So, if you are looking forward to trying something unusual this year, here are six eco-friendly options you should consider.

Before we move on, watch Prarthana’s film Ti And Ti here.

1. Ganpati made with Shadu

Source: Instagram

This is the most basic one made from Shadu that is a naturally occurring material near the river banks. Instead of the usual hazardous Plaster of Paris (POP) idols, you can always try these Ganpati made from Shadu which safely dissolve in the water bodies and do not cause any serious environmental damage. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to welcome such an eco-friendly Bappa in our homes?

2. Tree Ganesha

Source: Instagram

These idols were conceptualised by a Mumbai based artist Dattadri Kothur who wanted to promote the sale of eco-friendly idols that could grow back into a tree. Tree Ganesha is made with red soil which contains plant seeds inside it. It comes along with a gardening pot so that the idol can be watered until it dissolves in the soil and grows back into a tree. Isn’t it a lovely gesture to have Bappa back in the form of a tree after visarjan?

3. Ganpati made from recycled paper

Source: Instagram

Ever thought that you could have a Ganpati idol made out of paper? Yes, you read that right! To make these paper mache Ganpati idols, all you need to do is get all your old newspapers, magazines and tear them into pieces. These pieces then need to be soaked in water and grinded. Once done you need to add some glue to make a thick paste. Put this paste in a mould and make yourself a stunning paper mache Ganpati. What a way to use recycled paper to create a Ganpati idol, right?

4. Chocolate Ganpati

Source: Instagram

Here’s an amazing idea for all you chocoholics out there! If you’re a sweet-tooth and love indulging in chocolates, this Ganpati idol is just perfect for you. Made entirely out of chocolate, corn syrup, and edible colours, this idol can be immersed in milk and turned into a milkshake which can later be distributed as a bhog to everyone after visarjan.

5. Ganpati made from paper quilling

Source: Instagram

This idol will remind you of your nostalgic memories of school where you used to craft things out of paper. Well, the technique is just the same, only this time you need to shape the paper intricately in the shape of a Ganpati. Paper quilling is a fascinating thing to learn and if you’re at home during Ganesh Chaturthi, we recommend you give this a try.

6. Ganpati made from cow dung

Source: Instagram

Substituting the clay with Gobar or cow dung is also an eco-friendly way to ring in the festival. This is much safer for the environment as the idol can be easily immersed in lakes or can also be added to the plants as an effective fertilizer. So, go green and get these Gobar Ganpatis home now!

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