Flashback Friday: 7 Times When Karan Tore Preeta’s Dupatta In Kundali Bhagya

Check out all the moments when Karan tore Preeta’s dupatta in the show Kundali Bhagya!

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February 26, 2021



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Karan and Preeta have always kept fans glued to their seats with their cute squabbles and brewing romance in Kundali Bhagya. However, their love story started with a rivalry between the duo. Karan never liked Preeta and she was always ready to lock horns with him. But one thing which was common in all their fights was Karan tearing Preeta’s dupatta! Yes, we aren’t joking when we say that Karan has some issues with her dupatta is always looking out for ways (unintentionally) to tear it. To prove you the same, here’s a look at all the moments when Karan tore Preeta’s dupatta.

Karan and Preeta’s romantic moment

When Dadi gets injured in Kundali Bhagya, Preeta comes to Luthra house to help her. Preeta goes to the store room to find something but finds out there is no light. Karan comes there with a light and they share an intimate moment. Preeta tries to run away from Karan but he stops her and thanks her for taking care of Dadi. She goes to Dadi’s room but Karan stops her and accidentally steps on her dupatta. Preeta gets frustrated as her dupatta gets torn and she remembers the time when he has done it in the past.

Karan and Preeta find Billa’s phone

Sherlyn and Prithvi get scared as they don’t want Preeta and Karan to find Billa’s phone. However, Karan and Preeta find it but since it is not charged they go to Luthra house to get it charged. As they reach the house, Karan accidentally tears Preeta’s dupatta by stepping on it. Later they have a cute fight together.

Karan and Preeta fight over her engagement ring

Karan and Preeta were to get married to different people in the show’s storyline in 2018. During Preeta and Prithvi’s engagement, Karan and Preeta dance together. While dancing Karan tells her that he has successfully damaged her engagement by giving her ring to Monisha. Preeta gets shocked listening to him and looks at her ring finger. She screams at Karan for giving her engagement ring to Monisha. Karan enjoys himself and while dancing, he pulls Preeta’s dupatta and it tears from the corner. Preeta gets miffed with his weird behaviour and he tries to make it up to her. He lies saying that her dupatta was already torn.

Karan and Preeta’s cute argument 

During the start of Karan and Preeta’s friendship, it was Karan who was chasing Preeta while Prithvi was trying to get married to her. In one of the episodes, Karan calls Preeta and asks her to meet him. She refuses to meet him and cuts the call. Karan reaches the place where she is and offers to drive her home. Preeta asks Karan to behave nicely and speak politely with her but he refuses to oblige. Preeta tells Karan that she would walk to her home but gets angry with him as he mistakenly tears her dupatta. Karan then drives off in anger thinking of how Preeta doesn’t want to understand his good intentions.

Karan and Preeta’s fight at Ganesh Chaturthi

At the start of the show, during a Ganesh Chaturthi function, Preeta and Karan try to stay away from each other, however, they meet when Karan tries to stop Preeta but she turns and goes away. To stop her, he accidentally steps on her dupatta which leaves Preeta angry and frustrated. Preeta sees the torn dupatta and angrily looks at Karan. Before Karan could even say something, she gets furious and leaves.

Karan flirts with Preeta

When Preeta entered the Luthra house, she called Sherlyn to a party to meet Rishabh. At the same party, Preeta’s dupatta gets stuck in Karan’s chair and it gets torn. She gets frustrated and reasons why her dupatta always gets stuck with Karan’s belongings!

Preeta’s dupatta get stuck in car door

Earlier in the show, when Preeta was coming to Luthra house with Karan, her dupatta gets stuck in the car door. Karan tries to take it out and while attempting the same, he tears it accidentally. Though he apologises soon after, she gets angry and says she will slap him for his doings.

Now that Preeta is married to Karan, she wears a saree where Karan is seen tying her blouse and showering love on her. However, the last time our favourite #PreeRan had a cute fight over Preeta’s torn dupatta, he made it up for it by gifting her five new dupattas. He also mentioned that these are for all the times he has torn her dupatta. Now that’s adorable, isn’t it?

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