Kundali Bhagya 23 February 2021 Written Update: Kritika weds Prithvi after he protects her honour

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February 22, 2021



5 min


In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta, on a phone call with Srishti, tells her about Prithvi’s threat call. Srishti initially offers to visit her but later motivates her to fight the situation. She even tells Preeta that possibly it was just an empty threat. Karan arrives home and Preeta hugs him. Karan questions her on seeing a stump in her hand. He teases her about it and asks why her phone has been busy since the morning. Preeta reveals to Karan that it was Prithvi and tells him about his threat. Meanwhile, Srishti tells Janki about it. Sameer arrives there and offers flowers to Srishti. However, her reaction frightens him and he gives it to Janki. This begins to make Srishti feel jealous and Janki tells her that it Valentine’s Day and she should go easy on Sameer. Preeta overhears sound of drums and Karan goes to check if it is Prithvi. Sherlyn gets mad on seeing Prithvi dressed up as a groom and playing a drum. The Luthras find it strange and Karan shouts at Prithvi. Karan, in no time, holds Prithvi’s collar and tries to slap him, but he stops Karan with an evil smile. Prithvi’s revelation begins to shock everyone at the house. He invites Kritika inside and everyone is shocked to learn that Kritika is married to Prithvi. Srishti brings a cup of tea for Sameer and he tries to profess his love. However, Sarla arrives there, which frightens Sameer and Srishti. Prithvi and Kritika walk ahead to take Kareena’s blessings and she remains speechless. A restless Sherlyn comes running and finds it hard to believe it. Karan decides to throw Prithvi out, but Kritika defends him against Karan.

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In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta rushes towards Kritika and tells her not to fear Prithvi. She suggests Kritika to forget him and return to her family. Preeta asks Kritika whether Prithvi threatened her for this marriage. Mahira brings a heartbroken Sherlyn to a room wherein the latter vandalises everything. Mahira pacifies her and tries to convince her that probably Prithvi has a reason behind doing all this. She stops Sherlyn from revealing that she is pregnant with Prithvi’s child. She advises Sherlyn to step out of the room and first hear him out. Meanwhile, Dadi asks Kritika about the sudden decision to marry Prithvi. She tells them she got married to fours day prior in Chandigarh. Kareena asks Kritika about her reason behind this decision. Kritika calms her and tells her about a fair that she had visited with her cousins. She reminds Kareena about the day her uncle had asked for her permission to let her stay home.

Kritika describes a beautiful fair while revealing how a group of villagers began to eve-tease her there. Kritika tells everyone about giving the eve-teasers a befitting reply. However, Karan loses his cool when he hears that those men had been chasing her. Kritika tells Karan that it would have been of no use to call him at that moment. Prithvi tries to defend Kritika and Karan tells him to stay out of his family discussions. Preeta questions Kritika about her decision to marry Prithvi. However, Kritika assumes that Preeta is upset because Prithvi married her. Prithvi taunts Preeta while consoling Kritika and says that he was left stranded during his marriage, just like her. He accuses Karan of stealing his love. He claims that his pair with Kritika is the best because they both have been cheated. Kritika begins to narrate how she and Prithvi arrived when the eve-teasers were forcing themselves on her. Prithvi beats them all and forces them to flee. He consoles Kritika by giving her  a hug. She tells Prithvi that she judged him wrong and thanks him. Prithvi claims that he saved her only because he finds her nice. Dadi stops Kritika’s narration and scolds her for marrying Prithvi just because he saved her honour.

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