Kundali Bhagya 19 February 2021 Written Update: Prithvi challenges to visit Preeta with a marriage procession

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February 18, 2021



7 min


In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Karan tries to come close to Preeta while they share her bed. However, Preeta feels shy and tries to maintain distance. Sarla and Janki hear Preeta screaming and assume that the thief is hiding in Preeta’s room. Srishti tries to stop them by making excuses but in vain. Sarla, Janki and Sarla enter the room, but Karan hides behind the door. Janki sees Karan hiding there and helps Karan by making Sarla leave the room. Karan and Preeta thank Janki and Srishti for making excuses. The next morning, Karan arrives at the door with flowers for Janki, Srishti, Sarla and Preeta. He wishes everyone a happy Valentine’s Day and tries to quickly take Preeta home. Karan requests Sarla to let them leave early as he has to attend a meeting. At the Luthra house, Kareena, Dadi and Rakhi discuss about Kareen’s friend Angella, who is facing some depression and cosmetic issues. Suddenly, Karan arrives there with Preeta, who has a rose in her hand. Kareena stops Preeta from entering the house and questions Karan’s decision. Dadi tells Kareena that probably Preeta called him and asked him to take her back as people must be speaking ill about her. Karan tells everyone that he has promised Sarla to support Preeta. Kareena asks Karan whether a discussion before doing this didn’t appear necessary to him. Rakhi barges in and requests Kareena to calm down. Karan tells Preeta that he is going to attend a meeting due to Rishabh’s absence. Karan asks Preeta to confess her feelings as she had stopped doing it earlier.

Watch what will happen next on Kundali Bhagya:

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Karan, dressed in a suit, tells Preeta to confess her feeling for him before he goes to the office. Preeta was earlier unaware of this and tells him that she will do it later. Sameer arrives there and tells him to join him to office. Karan tells Preeta that he will keep calling her every half an hour. He explains that it is Valentine’s Day and he will not let her miss him. Karan tells Preeta to profess her love on his first call the moment she answers it. He teases Preeta by asking her to confess her feelings or he can make Mahira say it. On the way to office, Sameer notices Karan to be cheerful and points it out. Karan questions Sameer about frequently observing him. He tells Sameer that if he continues to tease him he will make him walk to office alone. Sameer mentions to Karan that he is happy to see him this way. He tells Karan to admit that he was feeling low without Preeta and her presence has gotten his smile back. Karan initially refuses to admit, but later confesses how Preeta’s return has changed his life. Karan and Preeta reminisce each other while being at different places. Suddenly Preeta’s phone starts ringing and she rushes to answer it. Preeta takes the call and professes her love for Karan. She mentions that she has been waiting for his call and tells him not to stop the conversation. Preeta expresses how miserable she feels whenever Karan is not around her. She smiles while saying that she missed him everyday when they weren’t together. Preeta states that the way his female fans find him handsome even she has begun to like him. She gets emotional while revealing that she finds herself to be lucky to have met him.

The moment she professes her love, she gets shocked to hear Prithvi voice on the call. Prithvi wishes her a happy Valentine’s Day and she gets disgusted by this. Prithvi says that she had maddened him and he is unable to keep away from her. He challenges her that he is arriving at the Luthra House to meet her. Preeta begins to get upset after hearing this and warns him to stay in limits. Prithvi avoids and continues to annoy Preeta, but she tries to clear that she had mistaken him for Karan. Preeta tells him that he is mistaken and Prithvi hangs up on her. Meanwhile, Karan keeps trying to reach her on call and gets worried to find her phone busy. He tells Sameer about it and Sameer points out at his jealousy. Karan admits that he is feeling jealous and says that he wants to express his feelings to her at the earliest. While Sameer takes Karan to the conference room for a meeting, Prithvi calls Preeta again. Prithvi tells her that he has left everything for her and can fight the world to be with her. He tells her that he is coming to the Luthra house in half an hour with a marriage procession. Karan signs the documents without reading it and rushes to meet Preeta. Sameer finds it interesting to see Karan’s restlessness and lets him go home. Sameer takes over the meeting and discusses the targets with a team of professionals. Srishti phones Preeta and gets surprised to hear about Prithvi’s challenge to Preeta. Srishti tries to calm Preeta and tells her it it just an empty threat.

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