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Exclusive! Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai Lead Actress Megha Ray: The Show Is Bringing Me Back To Dance

Kenneth Carneiro

November 22, 2019

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Megha Ray, seen as Kajal on Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai, talks to us about playing the role of a blind girl and how the show revived her love for dance.

Megha Ray makes her TV debut as Kajal on Zee TV’s latest show ‘Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai‘. She plays the role of a girl who is gradually going blind but refuses to give up on her dreams. As a qualified engineer who quit her job to pursue acting, Megha identifies with Kajal and is sure that audiences will too. Megha tells us why ‘Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai’ will be different from other TV dramas. She stars in this new show opposite fresh faces like Shoaib Ali and Rohit Suchanti.

Watch the first episode of this upbeat and positive show here.

Int: So what attacted to you to the character of Kajal on Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai?

Megha: What attracted me to audition for Kajal was the character. Because when I started out as an actor I was not keen on doing TV I was more focused on web series and ads. But I read the story and it was different, it was unexpected. See most people of my generation stopped watching TV mostly because of the plot and stories itself. When I read the character, I thought, ‘Yaar it is so fresh and so real’. The character itself is so optimistic and determined. The day I auditioned I realised I really wanted to play the role. Thank god it all worked out.

Int: You play the role of a girl with recti… rectinitis pigmentosa?

Megha: (laughs) Yes the name is difficult for everyone. It’s a gradual blindness. It doesn’t always lead to blindness but in Kajal’s case yes it will lead to blindness eventually.

Int: So how did you prepare to play the role of a blind person?

Megha: So the show is not about a blind person. She is not blind from the beginning. It’s basically a journey where she realises she is slowly going to stop seeing. It’s like she knows she will go blind someday and it’s not something that happened by accident. Kajal’s journey is basically one of gradually losing her eyesight but never giving up on her dreams because she is ziddi.

Int: So does the name Kajal have anything to do with eyes? I mean is that why the name was changed from Dhara to Kajal?

Megha: (laughs) That is a weird co-incidence isn’t it! No but the name went through multiple changes between and I didn’t know the reason.

Int: The whole vibe of the show is positive and inspiring. What according to you is the real message of the show?

Megha: The core message is whatever challenge life throws at your, you need to fight it. You can dream no matter what because you need a vision to dream not eyesight. That to me is the real message.

Int: You are into fashion, styling and beauty. Did you offer inputs into how your character would look?

Megha: No, no I didn’t get into all that because I wanted to keep Megha out of Kajal. I only have inputs if I find something wrong, which is hardly ever. Because if you see Kajal’s style and mine, they are way different. She is this tomboyish, sporty girl who would never wear heels unless it was really important. She wears quirky outfits and designs her own clothes. I totally enjoy getting to play her.

Int: Your Instagram bio says you are an engineer. So how did the shift from engineering to acting happen?

Megha: So I did computer science engineering and I really enjoyed studying it. Even in school I was into studies and extra-curricular activities as well. I have been a professional dancer since childhood. I wanted to do my engineering because I wanted to complete my education. That’s when blogging came into the picture because I had an injury because of which I could not dance.

It had been a long while before I danced. In fact, I danced after almost 4 years in the promo shoot. So this show is bringing me back to dance. I had never mentioned acting as a career but it was always on my mind. So while I was working at ta stable job I realised I didn’t want it and quit my job to become an actor.

Int: You have that in common with Shoaib Ali (co-star, Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai). Did you two bond over dancing?

Megha: Infact yesterday was the first time we danced together. We were shooting till 6 in the morning and it was a dance so it was  quite hectic.

Int: Finally, why do you think Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai, will stand out from the rest of the TV shows?

Megha: It’s a drama of course, but it is very real. You won’t see things won’t resonate with the people, unlike a lot of the TV shows. It’s a very sweet show, especially the relationship a person has with themselves.

Watch her put on her dancing shoes and conquer her dreams in the new show Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai. Catch up on the first few episodes anytime on ZEE5.

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