Jamai 2.0 Season 2: Will DD, A Lone Wolf, Defeat Siddharth This Time?

In the upcoming season will DD, played by Achint Kaur, be able to reveal Sid’s true identity and defeat him? Read further to know.

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January 21, 2021


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Unlike other shows that focus on the bitter relationship of Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, Jamai 2.0 is a bit different. The show is a sequel of Jamai Raja which aired on Zee TV. The sequel is a battle between Sid and Durga Devi aka DD. The show’s sequel was aired on ZEE5 and the makers are now returning with its sequel. Will Durgadevi be able to protect her daughter from Sid this time or will Sid succeed in taking his revenge? Read further to know more about the upcoming season.

Will DD be able to defeat Sid this time?

Siddharth played by Ravi started as a stand-up comedian in Durga Devi aka DD’s club. DD is played by actor Achint Kaur and she runs a criminal syndicate in picturesque Pondicherry. Sid wants to take revenge from her and thus acts to fall in love with her daughter Roshni played by Nia Sharma. However, later in the show, we see that Sid truly falls for her but still uses her as a scapegoat to get to DD. In the entire show, DD is shown trying her best to separate the two.

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DD is a lone wolf as Roshni is not on talking terms with her. Roshni is upset with DD as she thinks that she is the main reason for her father’s death. However, DD as a mother wants to protect Roshni at all cost. Sid is often shown wooing Roshni and he often gives her his shoulders to cry on. He wants to make sure she is on his side when he reveals a major secret about himself.

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In the season finale, we see that Vaikunth reaches the resort to catch DD red-handed as she is involved in a crime scene but Sid helps her escape from a secret passage. Sid promises her that if anything happens to her he will protect Roshni. DD is aware of Sid’s intentions but she shows as if she isn’t aware of what he wants. Sid is attacked by goons at Goswami’s hideout but Cheeram manages to reach there on time and rescue Sid and Roshni. In the end, DD accepts Sid and Roshni’s relationship. She asks them to start living together to know each other better. Sid moves in with Roshni to plan his next step of revenge.

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DD knows that Sid is planning something but she goes according to his plans. The makers have shown that the finale episode ends with Sid and Roshni living together. However, there is more to come as Sid hasn’t yet accomplished his mission of taking revenge on DD. We hope in the next season, DD is able to defeat Sid and reveal his true identity to Roshni. Since DD is going according to Sid’s plan, she is definitely plotting something. Since DD is a lone wolf she will make sure that Sid doesn’t marry Roshni. We can’t wait for the makers to drop the trailer to see what’s on our plate in the upcoming season.

Jamai 2.0
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