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Dev DD 2: 5 Qualities Of Devika Dharam Dwivedi’s That Every Girl Should Imbibe In Her Life

Vatsal Thakore

February 24, 2021

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Devika Dharam Dwivedi in Dev DD 2 is badass and extremely sassy with her comebacks. A powerful persona in herself, here are a few things that we can learn from her.

Asheema Vardaan is back as Devika Dharam Dwivedi in Dev DD 2 on ZEE5. This time, she has a lot more to her journey than just the complications of her love life. In this journey, while she is dealing with everything, there are many moments in Dev DD 2, which make us wish we could be like her. Here are some of the things about Devika that we could learn and incorporate in us. 

Best comebacks

Devika Dharam Dwivedi is known for her sass and comebacks. She refuses to live with any insults or taunts that people throw at her or her loved ones. She also can not accept when someone is being openly homophobic, and throws the best comebacks full of savagery at them, succeeding in silencing them. Surely a thing we would like to learn.

Source: A still from the show

Innovative solutions to problems

In the face of problems, Devika does not cower away. She chooses to deal with problems in her own way, with some unique and innovative solutions. There is a scene where she has organized multiple ceremonies and events for her friends, Radha and Chandni’s wedding. Since it is a homosexual love affair in a locality of people who are homophobic, there are a lot of ripples caused by them. Devika comes up with innovative and even hilarious solutions to face all of them, while even driving the cops away with a completely chill attitude.

Source: A still from the show

Standing up for friends

Devika is someone who is completely dedicated to her friends and will risk everything to help them. When her best friend Chandni gets into a problem where her uncle and his goons have illegally taken over her house, Devika steps up to help her and stand up for her. Also, when Chandni and Radha’s relationship keeps facing insults, she is always there to defend their honour. She even stands up against Chandni’s mother when she turns cold towards her daughter for being a homosexual.

Source: A still from the show

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Fighting for what’s right

Despite her flaws and impertinence towards rude elders, Devika always fights for what is right, and that too, with complete courage without backing down. Besides the homophobes, she also steps up against a female foeticide racket in her city, which also affects her in a lot of personal ways. But even after that, she does not lose the strength to fight.

Source: A still from the show

Being cheerful in life

Devika has faced a lot of heartbreaks. She even has been through a phase where she did not want to respond to any taunts made against her. But she bounced back to her true self with equal determination. Devika in Dev DD 2 has one motto for herself  – she says, “My happiness is not the result of someone entering or leaving my life. Devika Dharam Dwivedi creates her own happiness.” And that’s exactly the mantra one should live by.

We all need such an attitude, don’t we?

Watch Devika Dharam Dwivedi’s journey as she deals with multiple issues in her life, in Dev DD 2 on ZEE5.

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