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Chembarathi: We might soon experience a reunion between Akhilandeshwari and Anand!

Shrudi Shyam

May 9, 2021

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There are reasons why we believe that the current situation on Chembarathi won’t last long. Read on to know what those reasons are.

Trichambarath Akhilandeshwari is all about her pride and her family’s legacy. But when it comes to her sons, especially Anand, she is just a mother with unconditional love. Or at least, that’s how it has always been on Chembarathi, except for now, when she’s the reason he had to leave Trichambarath. But we feel this is only temporary, and we might get to see a reunion between Anand and Akhilandeshwari soon. Read on to find out why we feel so.

Meanwhile, check out what’s happening on Chembarathi right here:

Akhila’s love and concern towards Anand

Ever since Anand left Trichambarath, we’ve seen Akhila yearn every moment for her son. She’s been restless and constantly worrying about his wellbeing, although she hides it pretty well under the pretence of being tough and egoistic. But when Anand accidentally burned his hand, she couldn’t control herself and rushed towards him. Rather disappointingly, she also regained composure soon and was back to being the egoistic Akhilandeshwari. But one day her love will completely gain control and that day she’ll forgive him.

Akhila and Anand
Source: ZEE5

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Anand’s understanding of his mother

Anand understands his mother like nobody ever could. He understands the hurt behind her anger. He knows that she’s hurting and that one day she will come around. This faith will help him keep his hopes up and will motivate him to keep trying harder.

Krishnan, Anand and Akhila
Source: ZEE5

Akhila’s softening outlook towards Kalyani

In the last few episodes, we saw Akhila’s expressions changing when she saw Kalyani. She seemed visibly uncomfortable when Vilasini was slapping Kalyani. Akhila also looked overwhelmed when the Pujari informed her that Kalyani has already done an archana for her and that she does it daily. Although due to Vilasini’s manipulation Akhila hasn’t accepted Kalyani, we see her behaviour towards the latter softening.

Kalyani, Vilasini and Akila
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Ganga and Priyanka’s fear

It’s pretty obvious that a mother and son can’t stay away from each other for long; especially someone like Akhila and Anand who have so much love for each other. Ganga and Priyanka’s fear of their reunion is a clear indicator that there are high chances of that happening and that they’ll try everything possible to stop it.

Ganga and Priyanka
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Akhila’s conscience or manasakshi

Whenever Akhila does anything wrong, her manasakshi or conscience is always there to point it out. In the recent promo, we saw how Akhila has issued a stay order against Anand’s company. But with a little interference from her conscience, she’s sure to feel bad about it and probably rectify her mistake. Even if she doesn’t, when she sees Anand suffering because of her, Akhila’s conscience will surely haunt her.

Akhila and her alter ego
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Now all that is left, is for Akhila to realise that her son and their bond are more important than her ego or any family legacy. Then nothing can stop this reunion.

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