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Chembarathi: In the crossfire between Akhila and her sons, Krishnan is the worst sufferer

Shrudi Shyam

May 5, 2021

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Unable to choose sides, Krishnan is the one stuck between his love for his wife and his sons. Read on to know why we feel so.

Trichambarath was a happy family with Akhilandeshwari, Krishnan, and their two sons, Anand and Aravind. But in the recent episodes of Chembarathi, the whole family is seen to be drifting apart from each other. Due to the ongoing feud between Akhila and Anand, the latter has left Trichambarath with Kalyani. This has not only upset Akhila and Aravind, but also Krishnan who is getting caught in the crossfire between them.

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Lately, on Chembarathi, Akhilandeshwari’s whole world was turned upside down when she learned about Anand and Kalyani’s marriage. For the matriarch of Trichambarath, this news was a dark spot on the legacy of the family. She couldn’t take the fact that a mere maid is now a Trichambarath daughter-in-law. This led to numerous outbursts from her end. And by the end of it all, her ego and Anand’s love and concern towards Kalyani, made him leave Trichambarath with her.

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While this decision taken by Anand has truly broken Krishnan, there isn’t much he can do. He loves and adores Akhilandeshwari deeply, and thus, he would never go against her. Although he’s trying to explain things to her and make her understand why she needs to stay calm in this situation, Krishnan wouldn’t take any extreme steps such as leaving her.

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Similarly, Krishnan wouldn’t be able to leave Anand al0ne either. Even if he is staying at Trichambarath with Akhilandeshwari, Krishnan’s mind is with Anand worrying about the wellbeing of his son. The last time when Anand wanted to leave Trichambarath, Krishnan left no stone unturned, to make sure that he stays. Although the feud is between Akhilandeshwari and Krishnan, Krishnan is suffering the most as he will never be able to choose between them.

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Moreover, Aravind has started showing signs of rebellion as well. Ever since Anand has left Trichambarath, Aravind has been like a ticking time bomb, ready to blast any minute. While Krishnan and Nandana stopped him from leaving Trichambarath after the last argument, there’s no saying whether he wouldn’t want to leave again. If that happens, Krishnan will be utterly heartbroken.

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Unable to deal with this alone, Krishnan has also sought help from Nandana to keep Aravand calm. Let’s hope that helps to keep the poor man sane.

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