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Mother’s Day 2021: Here’s why Parvathy and Vimala are our favourite Ammas

Shrudi Shyam

May 7, 2021

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Although all mothers are incredibly amazing in every way, certain characters leave a mark on you. Parvathy and Vimala are two such characters. Read on for more.

Mothers are all about unconditional love and support for their children. Whether it is Parvathy from Pookalam Varavayi or Vimala from Sathya Enna Penkutty, mothers never fail to show their selflessness and care towards everyone. As Mother’s Day inches closer, let us tell you why Parvathy and Vimala are our most favourite among all the other Zee Keralam ammas.

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Parvathy from Pookalam Varavayi

Parvathy from Pookalam Varavayi or Pookari Paru as you might know her is one of the most lovable characters on the show. She has absolutely no ego and always treats everyone with love and care. Although we miss seeing her on the show lately, as her character went for a teerthadanam, the moments she has created will always be remembered and cherished.

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Parvathy is a dotting mother to Samyuktha and Saptathi. Looking at how amazing both the girls have turned out to be, one can easily assume about the values their mother has imbibed in them. Even after the girls have been married off, Parvathy constantly supports them and has even shifted to Kalapurackal to take care of a pregnant Saptathi. She always gives them the right advice and guides them from her own experiences in life.

A still from Pookalam Varavayi
Source: ZEE5

She’s not just a good amma to Samyuktha and Saptathi but an even better ammai amma to Abhimanyu and Harshan. She considers her sons-in-law as her own sons. The ease with which Abhimanyu opens up his heart in front of her clearly displays the kind of affection and understanding he has received from her.

A still from Pookalam Varavayi
Source: ZEE5

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Vimala from Sathya Enna Penkutty

Now, let’s come to an amma we’re surely going to miss a lot post the end of Sathya Enna Penkutty. Vimala, who is Sathya and Divya’s mother was a strong pillar of support for both the girls. She loved them both equally and always did whatever was best for them. Although a single mother, Vimala managed to give her daughters some great values and a good life.

A still from Sathya Enna Penkutty
Source: ZEE5

Vimala always wanted the best for her daughter and hence when she saw Sathya suffer, she tried her best to sort things out between her and Sudhi. She called Sudhi to her home and tried advising him. In fact, she always checked up on Sathya’s happiness by talking to her friends like Kurian, Natholi and more. We’ll surely miss seeing the lovely Vimala on Sathya Enna Penkutty.

A still from Sathya Enna Penkutty
Source: ZEE5

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