Chembarathi: Here’s why Ganga’s time at Trichambarath could finally be coming to an end

Could Nandana’s acceptance of Kalyani and Swamiji’s new test prove costly for Ganga’s position in the family? Let’s find out.

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March 9, 2021



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In the latest episode of Chembarathi, we saw Nandana learn the truth about Kalyani and accept her relationship with Anand. Nandana’s quick change of mind happens after she learns that Ganga is Priyanka’s sister. Nandana goes on to tell Kalyani that she is very happy for her and all the anger was just an act. Kalyani is overjoyed when Nandana tells her that she is Nandana’s best friend. Meanwhile, Jayanthi spots Kalyani and Nandana hugging each other and informs Ganga, who becomes frantic.

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Based on Ganga’s information, Priyanka tells Jayanthi to keep a watch on Nandana and inform her about everything that happens. Nandana goes on to set up an act with Krishnan and reveals to him that she accepted Kalyani as the eldest sister-in-law of the Trichambarath family. Everything seems to go well as of now, and the sudden change in flow is about to have its effect on the wicked souls in the family. Now that Nandana is no longer on their side, Priyanka and Ganga need to find an alternative tool to cause problems at Trichambarath but for how long will this be possible?

Kalyani and Nandana in Chembarathi
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Now that almost everyone excluding Akhila knows about Kalyani’s secret, it is time for Ganga to start worrying.  Nandana’s acceptance of Kalyani means that she lost her strongest tool of support to defend her position at Trichambarath and it is not long until she begins to find herself cornered in the family. Even worse is if Nandana decides to take things into her own hands. As we all know, Nandana is stronger than Kalyani and her confrontation of Ganga could prove costly for Ganga and Priyanka’s evil plans.

Swamiji and Akhil in Chembarathi
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To add to these problems, Swamiji also arrives at Trichambarath and has a conversation with Akhila. He informs her that she needs to conduct a test to find out who the eldest daughter-in-law at Trichambarath is. He gifts a Shiva Ling and tells her that it must be immersed in the water body at the family temple and whoever finds it must be throned as the daughter-in-law. As tough as it sounds, Swamiji’s slight hints and smiles denote that he has all eyes on Kalyani doing it and in turn paving Ganga’s way out of the family.

Whether Kalyani wins the competition or not remains a doubt, but it is safe to say that Ganga’s position at Trichambarath has not been at such a high risk since her arrival. From Nandana’s loss of faith in her to Swamiji’s task, it is only a waiting game to see if she somehow manages to prolong her stay in the family.

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