Bored Of Your Love Life? Catch Up With Kundali Bhagya’s Preeta-Karan’s Love Story From The Beginning With ZEE5 ATM

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March 31, 2021



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In the hassle of work from home, we all miss our daily dose of entertainment from the TV shows. While staying in sync with all the episodes and updates of your favourite shows can be an uphill task, we can offer you a helping hand for the same. With ZEE5’s Anytime Manoranjan (ATM) you can have access to your favourite shows anywhere, anytime. Unlike TV, ZEE5 gives you access to their shows without any restriction. No time slots and no missing out anymore. You can watch your favorite couple romance to your heart’s content while you are making your dinner or get entertained by the cunning antagonists while on a break during the day.

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Kundali Bhagya‘s Karan and Preeta are a couple who are enemies turned lovers. In the beginning, they got off on the wrong note and had a conflicting relationship. Preeta, played by Shraddha Arya, convinces Rishabh, Karan’s elder brother, to get married to Sherlyn but later comes to know that Sherlyn is a conniving woman. Preeta and Karan, essayed by Dheeraj Dhoopar, join forces to save Rishabh from the clutches of Sherlyn. During this time, the pair extend a hand of friendship to each other, which later develops into something more beautiful.

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But, this alliance didn’t live long. Despite all the efforts, Sherlyn gets married to Rishabh and Karan blames Preeta for the mishap. He swears to take revenge on Preeta and continues to humiliate her at every chance he gets. He takes it a step further when he marries Preeta out of spite and without her knowledge. After many twists and turns, Preeta is finally accepted into the Luthra family as a daughter-in-law and Karan starts developing feelings for her again.

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Well, don’t we all love watching our favourite couples overcome the hiccups in their life and share adorable moments when they are finally reunited? You cannot enjoy all the twists and turns by watching just some of the episodes. To be a part of the roller-coaster of events that Preeta and Karan were part of, you have to watch all the episodes from the beginning. But, how will you have access to all of that content?

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We have got you covered. With ZEE5 ATM, you can have access to all the moments of Preeta and Karan’s love-hate relationship. Whether you want to enjoy the initial conflicts of the Luthra couple or you want to remember the romantic exchanges between them, all the episodes are available free of cost on ZEE5 app.

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Like an ATM allows you to have easy access to your money in any part of the world, ZEE5 ATM avails for you the unlimited mine of Zee shows, web series and movies anytime and anywhere. So don’t let your hectic schedule limit you from enjoying your favourite TV shows.

ZEE5 ka ATM yaani Any time Manoranjan.

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