How Well Do You Know The Real Story Of Lord Rama? Revisit Ramayan-Sabke Jeevan Ka Aadhar On ZEE5 ATM

“Ramayan khatam hogai aur tum puch rahe ho – Ram-Sita kaun hai?” Don’t get into this situation and know everything about Ramayan by watching it on the ZEE5 app – anytime and anywhere for free.

Aditi Sharma

February 18, 2021



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Ramayan is one of the most popular mythological stories that has been adapted for television shows and movies. During the ongoing pandemic and countrywide lockdown phase, Ramayan and other mythological shows were re-aired on the television and it became a popular trend to revisit the phase of following these shows. How about rewatching your favourite mythological shows – anytime and anywhere?

Ramayan: Jeevan Ka Aadhar is a show based on the life of Lord Rama who was about to become the king of Ayodhya, however, due to Kaikeyi, he gets exiled for 14 years. The story focuses on how Lord Rama lives his life with his wife Sita and brother Laxman in the woods. The show also focuses on Lord Rama’s fight with Ravan and how the truth wins over the evil.

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While we all want to know about our rich Indian culture and history, it is difficult to read books or watch shows while they are aired on TV. Sometimes our busy schedules don’t allow us to do that. Though we watch some of the episodes, we often miss out on the main parts of the story. And when someone asks about the show – we realize that watching just some episodes never help.

Especially in stories like Ramayan, where there are so many chapters and episodes, it gets difficult to stay in sync while you are working at odd hours. Imagine how easy it would be if we could follow the show by watching it anytime and anywhere. Just like by finding an ATM, we can get cash no matter at what place we are, now you can also watch your favourite Ramayan anywhere and anytime.

Now it’s time for entertainment ka ATM with ZEE5. With the ZEE5 application, you can watch mythological shows like Ramayan – Jeevan Ka Aadhar anywhere and anytime. Also, you don’t have to pay for this, it’s all free.

With hectic schedules and workloads, we all want to enjoy our entertainment without any hustle. Don’t worry, this time ZEE5 is all set to be your saviour for good content and time flexibility. Now watch your favourite Zee shows, movies and web series – anytime and anywhere with ZEE5 ATM.

ZEE5 ka ATM yaani Any time Manoranjan.

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