Aparajita Apu: 4 possible ways in which Apu can avoid the forced marriage

While Apu appears to have accepted marriage as her fate, we cannot help but wonder what all ways she could possibly avoid it and continue working towards her goals.

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February 22, 2021


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Aparajita Apu stars actors Susmita Dey as Apu and Rohaan Bhattacharjee as Dipu in lead roles. While we always saw Apu being her adamant and outspoken self at all times, especially when it came to her dreams and ambitions, she seems to have succumbed to the pressure of marriage by her family. Although Apu seems to have given up on her usual determination to fight against all odds, we are now left wondering what possible ways would help her escape this marriage.

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Will Apu run away?

While Apu appears to have turned timid and accepting of her upcoming marriage, it is difficult for us to watch her give up on her lifelong dreams. And although she has cooperated with her family for all the pre-wedding rituals, we were wondering if she has last-minute escaping plans on her mind. Her courage knows no limits, so we would not be surprised if she chose to move far away from her family without taking anybody’s help this time.

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Dipu to Apu’s rescue

Ever since Dipu dropped Apu back to her place instead of helping her give the job examination, she has turned cold towards him. And Dipu has been left in an ocean of guilt for not having helped her achieve her dreams when she placed such immense faith in him. Dipu, who has been seen being determined to help her out, might just come to Apu’s rescue at some point before it gets too late.

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Abola’s sister’s evil plans

Recently, upon finding out that Dipu was helping Apu with her examination and had hidden her in his room, Abola’s sister was determined to expose them both. While Dipu ended up taking Apu back home, after which Apu’s marriage got finalised, Abola’s sister was very determined on breaking it off to ruin her life forever. However, if she was to ever do such a thing, it would work out in Apu’s favour and help her dodge the wedding effortlessly.

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A dowry twist in waiting?

In an initial promo of the show, we had witnessed Apu taking a confident stand against the practice of dowry during Supu’s wedding. It would not surprise us if something similar happened during Apu’s wedding. Her intolerance might resurface leading her to call the cops on her potential in-laws. This would automatically cancel the wedding, helping Apu bounce back to her normal ambitious self.

Aparajita Apu
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While we are eager to find out which turn Apu’s life is going to take next, we are truly hoping that the zestful and chirpy young woman does not have to give up on her dreams. We hope she ends up finding a way out of the trap of this forced marriage and continues to pursue her goals. But will she be able to do so? Stay tuned to Aparajita Apu to find out what the future holds for Apu.

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