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Monday Motivation: 5 times Rimli proved that there is nothing called a ‘man’s job’

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

February 22, 2021

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Despite hailing from a rural lifestyle, Rimli does not believe in any gender bias when it comes to manual labour or work.

One of Zee Bangla’s latest serials, Rimli, focuses heavily on the painful lives of the farmers of our nation. The plot of the show largely revolves around the life of the lead character, Rimli, who is a lovely, willful young woman. Rimli is also extremely hardworking, progressive, and down-to-earth. And at several instances in life, she has proven to have no place of gender-based bias, especially when it comes to any type of work, in her heart.

Watch Rimli accept the challenge and carry the plough up the hill here:

1. Pulling the plough up the hill

In a promo of the show, the villagers were faced with a tough condition in exchange for having their water supply issue solved by Danisha Mukherjee, a rich landowner. The challenge was to carry a massive plough up a hill nearby within 60 seconds. While Rimli’s uncle quickly realised that he would fail at it, Rimli immediately volunteered to and carried it up the hill with the help of a few other farmers. Even Morol Kaka was shocked and asked why she was willing to carry it up despite being a girl.

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2. Dubshatar

Dubshatar is a popular swimming practice, especially seen in villages. It requires one to be submerged under the water for a longer period, and it is usually the male counterparts who participate in it. However, in the first episode of the show, we witnessed a confident and energetic Rimli take the deep dive into the water body and successfully bring out the soil from the absolute bottom. Everyone cheered for her as she emerged from the water.

Source: ZEE5

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3. Ploughing the field

When Rimli’s uncle collapsed trying to make the first hit on the soil with his plough, she ran to his rescue. She picked it up and dragged it around the field with all her might, while other farmers stared at her in shock. When they later asked her why she did so despite being a girl, Rimli clarified that there was no difference between the genders when it came to working. She even stated that it was they who created such a divide, assuming women were weaker than men.

Source: ZEE5

4. Driving Uday to his house

In a recent episode, we saw Uday’s car break down on the way to his Muraridanga house. When he took his frustration out on Rimli, she left the scene. However, she soon returned with a cycle van and offered to drive them to their destination. While Uday and his friend were perplexed as to who would drive it, she assured them that she would do so very easily.

Source: ZEE5

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5. Getting Uday’s car fixed

When Uday’s realised his car was lost, he panicked. But soon, he saw it arrive at his Muraridanga house. Rimli happily got out of the car and handed over its keys to Uday. It is rarely expected of rural women to have an understanding of cars. However, Rimli managed to get it fixed and even driven to his house by someone.

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