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Abhay Finale Review: Kunal Kemmu-Ram Kapoor’s Epic Battle Reaches A Thrilling Climax

Kenneth Carneiro

September 30, 2020

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The new season comes to a fitting finale between the criminal mastermind and the supercop while raising important questions about crime and punishment

Over the last month or so, we’ve seen the new season of Abhay release few episodes at a time. Last night after the release of the final 3 episodes, the audiences will now be able to binge-watch the entire season in one go. Kunal Kemmu makes a glorious return as Inspector Abhay Pratap Singh in this brilliant sequel. The new cast includes Ram Kapoor, Nidhi Singh, Asha Negi, Indraneil Sengupta, Raghav Juyal and Chunky Pandey in never-seen-before darker roles.

Watch the trailer for the finale episodes here.

In the final three episodes, Abhay continues to deal with the mastermind who kidnapped the kids. He is sent on the hunt for a serial killer who kills homosexuals. The only condition is he has to kill the killer or else the kids will not be released. While Abhay is solving that case he starts realising that the mastermind hasn’t got everything planned out. He also gets closer to someone who might be helping the mastermind.

By the end of the second season, you realise how much the story has grown and reached a bigger scale. There are much more lives at stake and raises much larger questions about the state of law and order in our country in the way we treat psychological criminals. This season digs deep into the past of Abhay and the mental condition of Abhay is put to test like never before.

Kunal Kemmu shines in the role of Abhay with his restrained performances because the mastermind wants him to lose control and start killing his victims. Even if you have already seen the last five episodes Ram Kapoor’s act will continue to surprise you. His chilling laugh and uncontrolled frustration after failing constantly to break Abhay shows truly how deep he sunk his teeth into this role. Plus the character of a criminal who only wants to kill other criminals is interesting to watch.

Nidhi Singh, as Officer Khushbu, and Asha Negi, as the journalist Sonam, are the highlights of from the new season. They fit in perfectly with the story and we expect them to play a more prominent role in season 3, whenever it is made. In the finale episodes, Raghav Juyal delivers a truly chilling performance as a brainwashed man hell-bent on killing homosexuals to clean up society.

He is not the only one though, Chunky Pandey, Bidita Bag, Indraneil Sengupta and Asheema Vardaan all deliver performances that will most definitely send chills down your spine. Chunky Pandey, who has an image of a funny man in our minds or Raghav Juyal who is known as the chocolate boy will definitely shatter that image with their performances.

In the end, this writers of this series delivers an important answer to people who say ‘A criminal who only kills other criminals is not a bad person’. The mastermind has one dialogue he uses often to describe Abhay ‘he always gets to the point’. The writers and editors for Abhay can take the same compliment. The story is crisp and the editing makes sure the series is fast-paced which means episodes will go by before you realise the time.

Ken Ghosh directed this season of Abhay and he doesn’t shy away from the blood and gore that comes with such heinous crimes. The series has a grey and dark effect throughout that suits the tone of the show. The background score for the series what you would expect from a crime series. It has a dark haunting effect that direct your mood to always expect the worst.

Is serial killers, murder and mystery are your thing, then Abhay is a series made for you. Spend this long weekend watching both the brilliant seasons of Abhay only on ZEE5.

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