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The Road To Justice: 5 Cases That Took Long But The Justice Finally Prevailed

Kenneth Carneiro

September 17, 2020

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In the second season of Abhay, we see the police solving cases that were shut for years. Here are a few cases where justice was slow but sure.

In the new season of Abhay, Kunal Kemmu as STF Inspector Abhay Pratap Singh faces off against a mastermind killer played by Ram Kapoor. In this season, the criminal leads Abhay to cases that have been shut and ignored for years waiting for a capable officer like Abhay to look into the details of the case. Apart from these hidden cases, most of the killers like the Brain Soup Killer (Chunky Pandey) and the killer prostitute (Bidita Bag) also have killed a few victims before the police catch them.

The tagline for the new season is #TheRoadToJustice. Abhay proves that this road might be full of bumps and blockages but justice eventually prevails.

Watch the trailer for the new season here.

Here are some true cases where justice was late but right.

1. Nirbhaya rape and murder case is maybe the foremost case that occupied public attention for years. The police managed to arrest 6 suspects within 24 hours. In 2014 the Delhi High Court found each of the adults accused guilty and sentenced them to death. Only in March 2020 were the accused executed by which time one of the criminals allegedly killed himself in jail.

2. Jessica Lal was a model in Delhi who was shot dead at a party in April 1999. Manu Sharma who was one of the prime suspects in the case was already acquitted along with his accomplices. When the case was re-opened by 2006 after a public appeal Manu Sharma was finally declared guilty for killing Jessica Lal and sentenced to life imprisonment. However, he was released in 2020 on good behaviour.

3. Nitish Katara was a victim of honour killing for falling in love with Bharti Yadav. He was killed by Bharti’s brothers, Vikas and Vishal in February 2002. After a long-drawn trial in court both the brothers were sentenced to life imprisonment in 2008. However, under re-appeal, the punishment was reduced to 25 years of rigorous imprisonment.

4. Aarushi Talwar murder case is another crime story that had the nation’s attention. While Aarushi was found murdered in her home in May 2008, the next decade had everyone guessing and forming their own opinions about who the real killer was. In 2013, Aarushi’s parents were convicted for the murder. The Supreme Court freed the parents in 2017 only to accept CBI evidence that the parents were guilty once again in 2018.

5. Priyadarshini Mattoo was found raped and murdered in her house in 1996. The accused Santosh Kumar Singh was first acquitted of all charges in 1999. However, the case was re-opened in the High Court following public outcry over the decision. In 2006, a decade later, Santosh Singh was given the death penalty that was later reduced to life imprisonment.

Watch the story of the high profile 1950s Prem Ahuja murder case told differently in The Verdict: State Vs Nanavati and Rustom on ZEE5.


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