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A Table For Two Season 2 Episode 3: Saqib Saleem Shares His Regret For Doing Race 3, Aahana Kumra Reveals Her Love For ZEE5’s Rangbaaz

Vatsal Thakore

April 12, 2021

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Saqib Saleem and Aahana Kumra, in the third episode of A Table For Two Season 2, talk about their big breaks, their show Rangbaaz, and other fun revelations.

Ira Dubey’s talk show, A Table For Two Season 2, had a pair of great actors, who are also interesting and funny people, as guests on April 5 – Saqib Saleem and Aahana Kumra. The two had shared screen space in ZEE5’s show, Rangbaaz, and are also good friends. With their spontaneity, interesting revelations, and humorous banter, the episode was fun to watch. Read on to know about the highlights of the episode.

To begin the episode, Ira Dubey was introducing the actors, Aahana Kumra and Saqib Saleem, and mentioning some of their works. She ended Saqib’s introduction by mentioning his recent commercial flick, Race 3, and just then, the camera panned towards him, as he was shaking his head, showing his regret for working in the film.

Ira Dubey then asked the actors about their experience being in the acting industry. Aahana Kumra shared how the career has been helping her grow every day. She also mentioned how she has always been the ‘yes person’. She explained how she has accepted all the roles that have been offered to her. Aahana Kumra also talked about how she entered films and television. We all know her prowess in the theatre industry, but she had an interesting story about entering films and television. She shared that her mother is a Deputy Superintendent of Police, and her father is the head of a pharma company in Russia, and when she shared with them that she was choosing acting as her career, her father did not take it well.

Aahana Kumra then shared how Anurag Kashyap had offered her, her first role, in his TV series, Yuddh, after seeing her performance in a play. She talked about how great it was to play Amitabh Bachchan’s daughter in the show.

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Next, Saqib Saleem talked about his break in the industry. He mentioned how he was approached by Yash Raj Films, and he declined the offer at first, only to pursue it later. He also talked about how his father had almost asked him to give up on his dream when he did not get an acting job for eight months after talking to Yash Raj. He was in his car with his dad, when he got a call from the Yash Raj Studios, wanting to sign for a contract of three films, and he had started crying out of happiness at that moment.

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Saqib also talked about his role in the anthology film, Bombay Talkies. He shared about his reluctance of kissing another man for his role, and how Karan Johar, who was directing the section narrated the script to him and made it sound magical.

After playing a fun game, the duo also talked about their show, Rangbaaz. Aahana Kumra shared her excitement about being in the show which was based in her hometown and revolved around the story of the gangster, about whom she had heard since her childhood. She also talked about how amazing Saqib was in performing that role. Saqib Saleem also mentioned that playing Shiv Prakash Shukla in Rangbaaz was his most favourite performance till now. 

Source: A still from the episode

After some more fun conversations and games, there was a rapid-fire round, in which both Saqib Saleem and Aahana Kumra had fun revelations to share. Among many questions in the rapid-fire round, Aahana Kumra was asked what profession she would choose, if not an actor, and she said that just like her mother, she too, would be a police officer.

When it came to Saqib Saleem, his last rapid-fire question got the most hilarious confession out of him – he was asked what his speech would be if he received an award for ‘Worst Supporting Role,’ and he said, “Thank you guys, I deserve it for Race 3.”

The episode ended on a fun note, with Aahana Kumra and Saqib Saleem sharing the great things they wished for each other for this year.

Catch the whole Episode of Saqib Saleem and Aahana Kumra on A Table For Two S2 on ZEE5.

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