A Table for Two Season 2 Episode 2: Shahana Goswami, Jim Sarabh Seduce Each Other While Revealing Favourite Actors To Do Steamy Scenes With

Jim Sarbh and Shahana Goswami get candid as they talk about their theatre journey and more, dressed up in a peculiar theme on the second episode of A Table For Two Season 2.

Ira Dubey kickstarted season 2 of A Table For Two with some exceptional guests. The first episode featured Karishma Tanna and Aparshakti Khurana discussing their life, career, auditions and more. While the second episode further elevated the show with Shahana Goswami and Taish actor Jim Sarbh’s fun banter and steamy confessions. The duo tried seducing each other in the show while also picking actors with whom they would like to have a steamy scene.

Check out their candid conversations in the 2nd episode of A Table For Two Season 2:

The episode began with Ira introducing the guests for the night. While Jim Sarbh and Shahana Goswami were dressed as Gomez Addams and Morticia Addams, Ira Dubey got dolled up as their daughter, Wednesday from the Addams Family. This peculiar theme was chosen by Jim who claimed he just wanted to “have a little fun”.

Jim Sarbh, Ira Dubey and Shahana Goswami as Addams Family
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As the conversation began, the duo got candid about their journey as theatre actors. Jim started by saying how a recent article about him called him a “mere theatre actor”. Meanwhile, a shocked Shahana said she’s always seen people consider theatre to be superior and people always saying “you must be a theatre actor” to anyone who’s given incredible performances.

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While talking about her shift from theatre to ‘Bombay’ and films, Shahana claimed that she hasn’t enjoyed the experience of being on stage as she has acted in only one play! The actress added that during most of her theatre experience, she worked backstage learning the ropes. As Shahana talked about how she enjoys watching plays but prefers acting in films, Jim had a completely contrasting statement.

The Taish actor claimed he prefers watching a movie over a play, but enjoys the live experience of acting in theatre more. He also shared his experience of recording a play and how that didn’t give him the same exhilaration as a performance with a live audience.

Jim Sarbh and Shahana Goswami
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As Jim Sarbh talked about improvisation on stage as a theatre actor, he shared the story of a fun experience of working with an elderly actor in a play. The actor also spoke about his big break in Neerja and the journey thereafter. Meanwhile, Shahana spoke about her journey from Yun Hota To Kya Hota to her latest role as Meenakshi Chatterji. Jim also shed some light upon the privileges that a person gets by the virtue of being an actor.

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The episode then moved into a lighter section with the duo playing some fun games like ‘In Your Face’, the ‘Rapid Fire’. Both Shahana and Jim aced at the ‘In Your Face’ as the duo kept guessing correct answers one after the other. It also had some fun moments when Ira stepped in to be a part of the game as well.

Ira Dubey, Jim Sarbh and Shahana Goswami
Source: ZEE5

The duo answered some hot and sizzling questions in the ‘Rapid Fire’. When asked about who she’d like to do a steamy scene with, Shahana jokingly said anybody and then revealed her true choice to be the Spanish actor, Javier Bardem. Later, Jim had a million-dollar look on his face when the Ra One actress tried to seduce Jim as Meenakshi Chatterji.

During his turn of the game, Jim Sarbh claimed Zoya Hussain to be the best co-actor in a steamy role with him. The actor also mimicked a cat, which was hilarious, to say the least. He also tried to seduce Shahana as Malik Gafur from Padmavat leaving everyone in splits. The episode ended on a sweet sappy note with the duo reading their wishes for each other.

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