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6 Relationship Lessons We Learnt From Zindagi Shows Like Mere Humdum Mere Dost

Debanjali Kabiraj

May 20, 2021

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These amazing shows on Zindagi can be your ‘love gurus’ and offer you relationship advices that will help you strengthen your bonds.

With the second wave of COVID-19 disrupting our lives. many of us are stuck in our houses away from our loved ones. Some of us are even away from our significant other and have been experiencing long-distance relationship for the very first time. With long distance comes many hurdles which can sometimes create rifts in any relationship. However,  Zindagi shows have always shown us different aspects of love and we have grown to love the popular couples from these shows. These shows can also be a source of relationship advice that we all can use to strengthen our bonds. Let’s elaborate on that.

Watch the trailer of Mere Humdum Mere Dost here:

Show: Mere Humdum Mere Dost 

Relationship Advice: Love Has No Boundaries 

The show Mere Humdum Mere Dost has taught us that love has no boundaries. We understand that no barrier can keep two lovers apart and that the heart does not see age, caste or religion before falling in love. Our mind may judge a person on the basis of different criterias but the heart does not differentiate. In the show, although Aiman and Haider have a huge age difference between them, their hearts choose to fall in love with each other.

Mere Humdum Mere dost
Source: ZEE5

Show: Shehr-E-Zaat

Relationship Advice: Love Cannot Be Forced

Shehr-E-Zaat shows us that obsession is not true love. There is a fine line between love and obsession and when someone is obsessed with their significant other, they often tend to forgive all the wrongdoings of their partner. In the show, Falak was obsessed with Salman and she thought if she gets married to him they will live happily forever. But Salman ends up falling in love with another woman and Falak eventually understands the difference between love and obsession.

Shehr E Zaat
Source: Pinterest

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Show: Teri Berukhi

Relationship Advice: Love is all about giving second chances

Teri Berukhi shows us that love cannot be forced and that distance makes hearts grow fonder. In Teri Berukhi, Aleena and Numair after years of divorce cross paths and fate give them a second chance to rethink and rekindle their relationship after seeing each other’s kindness and care.

Teri Bekhudi
Source: ZEE5

Show: Jo Chale To Jaan See Guzar Jaaye

Relationship Advice: Love Needs Nurturing 

Never judge a book by its cover. That is the relationship advice one can take from the show Jo Chale To Jaan See Guzar Jaaye. In the show, we see that Zufishan and Azar are engaged to each other and are in love. But Sayed Alim Khan falls in love with Zufishan and forces her to get married to him. Although initially, we see that Zufishan dislikes Sayed Alim Khan, slowly she starts admiring him. This proves that although the first impression of a person might not be impressive but after getting to know the person your perception might change.

Jo Chale Toh Jaan se guzar jaaye
Source: ZEE5

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Show: Meri Jaan Hai Tu

Relationship Advice: Stay together and navigate all the life problems together

In Meri Jaan Hai Tu, Haniya and Ibad meet as students at Columbia University and fall in love with each other. Although they decide to get married, Ibad’s parents are not happy about his relationship. Haniya decides to take things into her own hands and promises to get Ibad’s father’s approval for their marriage. Together as a couple, they figure out how to deal with the hurdles in their relationship and yet remain strong for each other. That is the advice we all can follow in order to have a strong, mature and committed relationship.

Meri Jaan hai tu
Source: ZEE5

Show: Tum Kon Piya

Relationship Advice: Don’t let anyone else decide the fate of your relationship

In the show Tum Kon Piya, we see that Elma and Ramish love each other but due to their parents’ intervention they are unable to get married. We can take the tip that one should never let others decide the fate of one’s relationship. Others may have ulterior motives as to why they want to take control of your relationship. So we can always make our own decisions and follow the path of love when it comes to our significant other.

Tum Kon Piya
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