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7 Romantic Zindagi Shows That You Should Watch With Your Significant Other!

Tanvi Rumale

May 18, 2021

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From Gohar-e-Nayab to Mere Humdum Mere Dost here are 7 romantic shows from across the border that you can watch with your loved ones!

As monsoon nears, and we stay indoors due to lockdown, love stays in the corners of our houses and hearts. And if you love watching romantic shows but are tired of waiting for new episodes, ZEE5 recently unveiled many romantic Pakistani shows on its platform that are all about enjoying this beautiful feeling called love. Watch these romantic shows with your significant other and spend some quality time with them as these characters take you on their journeys with love. We recommend some warm snacks and chai too!

Mere Humdum Mere Dost

mere humdum mere dost
Source: ZEE5

Tauqeef has to urgently rush to Turkey so he leaves his young daughter in his friend Haider’s care in his house. As Aiman and Haider interact and live under one roof, they begin to fall in love. But their wide age gap keeps Haider from accepting his love and giving it a name. Just when Aiman thinks that she is about to experience togetherness, Haider’s ex-wife shows up to brew trouble. Aiman and Haider’s love story is one of a kind and should definitely be on your watchlist.

Watch this show here.

Jo Chale To Jaan Se Guzar Gaye

jo chale jaan se guzar gaye
Source: ZEE5

Zulfishan and Azhar are young and in love. They are engaged to be married when Sayed Alim Khan, a landlord meets Zulfishan for the first time and falls head over heels in love with her. He wants to have her at any cost and succeeds when at one point Azhar is in danger and the only way to save him is for Zulfishan to marry Sayed. After marriage, Zulfishan slowly gets taken by Sayed and begins to fall in love with him. But Azhar discovers the circumstances behind Zulfishan’s marriage and asks her to leave her husband and elope with him. While we have seen many love triangles in the past, this one seems different and special.

Watch this show here. 


Source: ZEE5

A show about a free-spirited girl named Tooba, ManJali shows Tooba’s life as she navigates through her life’s journey. One of the biggest hurdles in her way is her own father who is known to be strict and problematic. Will Tooba be able to ward off her difficult father and live the life she has always wanted to or will she succumb to his thinking and live according to his terms? Watch this beautiful show to find out.

Watch this show here. 

Teri Berukhi

teri berukhi
Source: ZEE5

Can a separated couple meet again and fall back in love? That’s the main plot point of Teri Berukhi. A married couple is separated due to many problems in their relationship and because of their children. They later go on to marry other people but years later they cross paths once again. Fate gives them a chance to rethink their relationship. Watch Teri Berukhi to understand the complexities of love and relationships.

Watch this show here.


Gohar e nayab
Source: ZEE5

A simple beautiful girl named Gohar is mistreated by her aunt and cousins whom she lives with. They marry her off to Sami, a distant relative of her family only to find that Sami’s family wants revenge for some old feud between them and Gohar’s father! This show revolves around Gohar and how she navigates through life between revenge and ill intentions and also finds true love in the process.

Watch this show here.

Ishq Gumshuda

ishq gumshuda
Source: ZEE5

Ishq Gumshuda revolves around three best friends, Alizeh, Neha and Ali. A lot of confusion ensues as Ali loves Alizeh but marries Neha because Alizeh does not want to marry him. Neha has always loved Ali and they are happily married for a while until Alizeh starts to get jealous and regrets not marrying him herself. She goes on a path of self-destruction which forces Ali and Neha to intervene. Ishq Gumshuda is another show that highlights the love triangle differently.

Watch this show here.

Meri Jaan Hai Tu

meri jaan hai tu
Source: ZEE5

When Haniya and Ibad meet in the US they fall irrevocably in love with each other and decide to get married. Back home in Pakistan, Ibad’s father refuses to accept Haniya as his daughter in law so she sets out to win his heart. This show depicts the American dream that many Pakistanis have and how parents behave when their child marries someone without their knowledge.

Watch this show here.

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