Kalavari Kodallu

Kalavari Kodallu - Episode 904 - May 29, 2014

E 904

29 May 2014

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Audio Languages:Telugu

Zee Telugu takes the pride in bringing forward a story which shows this sweet and spicy relationship in our mega daily serial KALAVARI KODALLU. The story is about two daughter-in-laws who are sisters in life. Both of them get married in the same house and now face the test by living under the roof with their demanding mother- in-law. Though they are sisters they are like two sides of a coin, one totally abides to what the mother-in-law says and the other is a rebel. Stay tuned to watch the interesting faith of these 3 characters. Will the mother- in-law be able to tame the rebellious daughter-in-law? Will the two sisters be sisters for life or will they become enemies? Will the mother- in-law ever treat her daughter-in-laws like daughters of the house? Will the mother- in-law dance to the tunes of her daughter-in-laws or will it be vice versa?