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Jamuna Dhaki: 5 times a newlywed Geet’s antics put us through a fit of laughter

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

January 25, 2021

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Geet and her amusing acts and demands at her in-laws have been grabbing all our attention these days!

Jamuna Dhaki is a popular television show that stars Sweta Bhattacharya as Jamuna and Rubel Das as Sangeet in lead roles. The show has proved itself to be an extremely fun and captivating watch through its quirky and engaging instances all throughout. Geet, who is Sangeet’s sister, recently got married to her lover, Ved, and her antics at her in-laws have been beyond amusing and hilarious for us to witness!

Watch what last happened on Jamuna Dhaki here:

1. Alcohol instead of milk on Phool Shojja night

Recently, we witnessed Geet going against the usual practice and confidently declaring that she would consume alcohol and chilly chicken instead of milk and paan on their Phool Shojja. This came as a huge shocker to Ved’s mother and the rest of the family but we could not control our laughter, would you disagree?

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2. Demanded breakfast porotas be made by Ved’s uncle

The next morning, we saw Geet demanding her morning bed tea from her mother-in-law. She even insisted that Ved’s uncle prepare for Geet porotas for breakfast. While he explained to her that he did not have any clue how to prepare them, we could not help our giggles letting lose.

Jamuna Dhaki
Source: ZEE5

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3. In-laws became Moms and Pops

When Geet randomly started addressing Ved’s parents as Moms and Pops, it was a hilarious surprise for the family. When was the last time you heard a newlywed use such terms for their in-laws?

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4. Outfit of choice post shower

In a conversation with her mother-in-law about taking a shower, Geet asked her to hand over her pant and top while she was still in the washroom. This shocked her and she asked Geet if she was not going to wear a saree. To this, Geet sarcastically responded asking if there was any caution sign in the house saying women were not allowed inside if they wore a pant and top.

Source: ZEE5

5. Asked Ved to arrange for her pedicure and manicure

During the conversation, Ved appeared with an arranged tray of pedicure and manicure items. When asked why he did not arrange for a beautician to do it, Ved answered saying Geet wanted him to be the one doing it. Have you heard of a newlywed making her husband give her a pedicure right after their wedding? Neither have we.

Source: ZEE5

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