Zindagi Ki Mehek

Episode 31 - Zindagi Ki Mehek

E 31

31 Oct 2016

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Shaurya gets into an argument with his father and later calls up Mehek's family. He informs them of his decision to get them to the stage of his cooking reality show, so that Mehek's entire family can watch her cook. Shaurya especially invites Kanta and waits for the family's response. Kanta's husband instantly agrees to the proposal. Later, Kanta explains that their presence will only make Mehek more conscious but the rest of the family believe that if they cheer Mehek, they will be boosting her spirits to win the competition. Later, Mehek's uncle displays a poster that he had printed for the shop. The family is surprised to see that the poster is an attempt to get customers to the shop through Mehek's popularity. Watch Zindagi Ki Mehek to know more.