Punar Vivaah - Zindagi Milegi Dobara

Punar Vivaah - Episode 51 - Full Episode

E 51

30 Apr 2012

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Audio Languages:Hindi

Aarti immediately goes and informs Gayatri about it. A concerned Gayatri and other family members rush to his room. Gayatri asks Yash how come he was suffering from high fever. Aarti is about to tell about Gayatri about the hair pin pricking Yash but Yash interrupts her. Yash states that it was ok to contract fever. He states that he was fine and does not require medical attention. Suraj Pratap forces Yash to go to the doctor. Gayatri decides to take Yash to the doctor. Suraj Pratap points out that Aarti was Yash's wife and she must do the needful. Gayatri's neighbor, Komal visits the Scindia residence. She apologizes to Gayatri as she was not able to attend Yash and Prateek's wedding. Gayatri tells Komal that Aarti had gone out with Yash, however Paridhi was at home. Gayatri spots Paridhi and asks her to greet Komal. She introduces Komal to Paridhi. Komal gives Paridhi a gift as she was not able to attend the wedding. At the clinic, the doctor examines Yash's injury and jokingly passes a comment on it. Yash gets scared when the doctor tells him that he has to take an injection on his waist. Aarti who is behind the curtain hears Yash's scream and concludes that that like Ansh, Yash too was scared of taking an injection. Back at home, Aarti convinces Yash to eat his meal and consume his medicines. She also decides to record his temperature on the thermometer. Yash puts the thermometer in his mouth. Aarti removes it from his mouth to read the temperature. Aarti breathes a sigh of relief when she realizes that Yash's fever was down.



Gurmeet Choudhary


Sarwar Ahuja


Kratika Sengar


Shweta Munshi