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Punar Vivaah - Episode 41 - Full Episode

E 41

16 Apr 2012

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Audio Languages:Hindi

Yash is unable to sleep all through the night. Next morning, Aarti believes that Ansh is sleeping besides her and is about to caresses him. She was about to kiss Yash when pushes her away. Aarti wakes up startled when she realizes that Yash was sleeping besides her. Aarti gets worried about Ansh as she believes that Ansh must have missed her through the night. She rushes to meet Ansh but is unable to find Payal and Palak's room where Vidhi had put him to bed. While looking for Ansh, Gayatri sees Aarti and enquires. Gayatri tries to pacify Aarti and tells her not to worry about Ansh. She assures that their family members would take care of Ansh. Gayatri asks Aarti to get ready for the tulsi puja instead. Palak gets furious when she sees Ansh sleeping on her bed. Paridi gets impressed when Pratik offers her a cup of bed tea. He, however, feels that Gayatri must get impressed by Paridi. Before the tulsi puja, one of the guests praises Gayatri's daughters-in-law. The guest, however, advises Gayatri to make her daughters-in-law dance to her tunes. Aarti manages to find Payal and Palak's room. She panics when she fails to find Ansh in the room. Meanwhile, Payal and Palak quarrel with Ansh over the issue that he had pushed them off the bed and slept alone on it. While fighting, the trio messes up the living room. Gayatri gets furious when she sees the children quarreling and asks the reason. Payal and Palak complain to Gayatri about Ansh. Gayatri further gets furious when the guests make fun of her. Surajpratap intervenes and asks Vidhi to take care of the children. Shobha is concerned about Aarti and Ansh. She expresses her concern to Satyendra and decides to call up Aarti. Satyendra stops Shobha and states that Aarti must be busy with the post wedding rituals. Gayatri gets furious at Aarti for not following her instructions. She orders Aarti to get ready immediately. She also asks Aarti to be concerned about the happiness of the family she was married into.



Gurmeet Choudhary


Sarwar Ahuja


Kratika Sengar


Shweta Munshi