Mr and Mrs Rangegowda

Mr and Mrs Rangegowda - Episode 82 - May 21, 2015 - Full Episode

E 82

21 May 2015

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Audio Languages:Kannada

As a ritual, Kanachan offers a piece of jaggery to bride, Aishwarya and tells her that piece of jaggery might be uneven, but their relationship is as sweet as the jaggery. In the next scene, Rangegowda, who is dressed up, is ready to do the ritual of Kaashi Yaatre. With all the relatives standing, Aishwarya's uncle request him not to go to Kaashi and marry Aishwarya. As part of ritual, he refuses first but after getting gifts, he agrees to marry Aishwarya. Stay tuned for more.The male protagonist Rangegowda is an illiterate villager and the female protagonist Aishwarya, is a highly qualified city girl. The love story between the two forms the crux of the story.Rangegowda is loved by one and all in the village. He heads the village and gives justice in Panchayat whenever a conflict arises in the village. He blindly believes in his stepmother Kanchana, who is the main villain of the story. She has ensured that Rangegowda loves her to the core since his childhood. Though she showcases that she loves him she ensures that he always doesn't get educated and stays in her clutches always. When Rangegowda meets Aishwarya, he falls in love with her. Though Aishwarya's dream is to marry a well educated city lad, in an unusual circumstance she is forced to marry Rangegowda. The further story is of Aishwarya's struggle in the village and what Aishwarya does when she realizes that Rangegowda's mother is actually an evil behind her caring mask.