Adhuri Kahaani Humari

Adhuri Kahaani Humari - Episode 27 - December 22, 2015 - Full Episode

E 27

22 Dec 2015

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Manasvini keeps quiet about what took place between her and Maadhav. Soon the rituals begin and Manasvini gets ready to become the next Devrakshika. Just then, Maadhav arrives with his family to be present for this ritual. As the other Devsena is relieved of her duties, Manasvini takes her place but Devsena is confused when she sees Maadhav's indifferent behaviour towards Manasvini. After the rituals are completed, Maadhav shocks everyone when he says that Manasvini will be staying with him as her duty is to protect him. Maadhav's orders are obeyed and Manasvini is taken to the kingdom to shield Maadhav against all evil. Watch 'Adhuri Kahaani Humari' to know more.