Adhuri Kahaani Humari

Adhuri Kahaani Humari - Episode 103 - April 5, 2016 - Full Episode

E 103

5 Apr 2016

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Just as Radhika offers the 'aarti' plate to the family, Preeti enters the house and seeing her alive the entire family is shocked. Radhika pretends to have lost her memory and speaks in a kind manner with Preeti. Preeti takes Karan, who is actually Krrish, along with her and expresses her love towards him. She decides to take Krrish to the secret spot and decides to bring an end to him. Radhika secretly listens to their conversation and wonders what place Preeti is talking about. Preeti takes Krrish to the place and claims it to be the place where everything had begun. Krrish finds the place familiar and instantly remembers his past. What is it that Krrish will remember? Watch Adhuri Kahaani Humari to know more.