Vinaya Prasad Aka Akhilandeshwari Is An Actor With A Million Facial Expressions. See PICS

Parinika Uchil

June 13, 2019

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That Rare Moment When Akhila Wears A Smile

Vinaya Prasad's Happy Face Will Just Brighten Up Your Day

The veteran Vinaya Prasad, who plays the role of Arasane Koteya Akhilandeshwari, has exceptional screen presence. So much so, that when she is onscreen, all eyes are on her. She doesn’t have to do much because her super expressive eyes say it all.

The Expression On Her Face When Preethu Lets Her Down

When Akhila Is Embarassed Of You, Her Eyes Will Say It All

Akhila is splendid when it comes to playing with her strengths. Unfortunately, her younger son Preethu, who is ideally supposed to be her strength ends up disappointing her more than anyone. The disgusted look on her face is an inspiration for aspiring actors. Take tips, guys!

Akhila’s Angry Face Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine Guaranteed

Vinaya Prasad's Angry Face Will Scare You

When something doesn’t go her way, Akhila gets upset because it disrupts her routine. A very disciplined and organised lady that she is, one mistake you’ll be stared down to death! Our kudos to this actress who continues to inspire other actors.

Akhilandeshwari Seldom Fears Anything, But When She Does…

Only A Rare Occurrence Can Scare Akhilandeshwari

During the big pooja for the betterment of the house, a lot of bad omens may have sent a streak of fear down Akhila’s spine, but that was just temporary. Paaru immediately came to the rescue and turned a bad omen into a good one. 

Akhilandeshwari’s Had The Best Reaction For Her Birthday Surprise

Namma Akhilandeshwari's Surprised Face Is The Best Out Of The Lot

On her birthday, Akhila was sad initially because she thought no one remembered her birthday. But guess what? She was wrong and they made her day by giving her the best surprise ever!

When Akhilandeshwari Is Sad, The World Seems Dull

Your Heart Will Melt When You See Her In A Sad State

On Akhilandeshwari’s birthday, she assumes that everyone forgot her special day and sulks. Every time someone disappoints her, Akhila’s sad expressions will dull your world. Vinaya displays emotions that make her look like a natural and rightfully so.

Are you a Vinaya Prasad fan? What about her do you like best? Your thoughts are awaited in the space given below.

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