Surkhi Bindi Star Sargun Mehta Mourns The Loss Of Her Abs Due To Her Lockdown Diet

One of the fittest artists of Pollywood is in doldrums as enjoying her lockdown with homemade treats has lead to her losing her hard-earned abs.


August 12, 2020


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Pollywood’s fittest actress, Surkhi Bindi star Sargun Mehta, can’t afford to be out of shape. Be it exercise or dance, Sargun finds new ways to keep her fitness regime going. Recently, she has shared her grief at being out of shape on social media, which has surprised her fans and friends.

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When you work hard to achieve something and then you lose it, it hurts, doesn’t it? Sargun has been very keen on fitness and she seems to have lost her ideal look. Check out this post that shows her dedication.

It seems she’s really into keeping her washboard abs intact! But then, Sargun has posted this and made everyone curious.

In this post, Sargun expresses her grief over losing her abs and says she is ready to thrash the one who told her to eat homemade ice-cream, cake, and pasta. “Iss quarantine ne mujhse mere abs cheen liye. Mujhe bola tha ghar ke khaane se mote nahi hote .. toh ghar pe banayi ice cream, aur cake aur pasta aur pizza .. Jiss jiss ne mujhe yeh kaha tha unki ab khair nahi.

Sargun has made chikoo and coffee flavour ice-creams and now she is beating herself up about it. Her fans have already started posting reactions to her post. Even her friends are having a laugh at her. Actress Kishwer Merchant commented, “Isse cheen na Bolte hain ?” Karanveer Bohra expressed a small, “Ufff“. Simple Kaul came up with the best reaction, “Hhahahaaaa seriously…U still hv abs”. 

How inspired are you by Sargun’s motivation? Comment below with your views. 

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