Rasika Sunil To Return As Shanaya After Isha Keskar Quits Mazhya Navryachi Bayko

Kedar Koli

July 6, 2020


5 min

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko has kept the audiences on the edge of their seats owing to exciting twists and turns in the story. The quirky set of characters also made the show memorable. One such character which won hearts despite being a negative one is Shanaya. The character took the show an unimaginable height of popularity. Actress Isha Keskar was also praised for portraying the role to perfection. After entertaining us with Shanaya’s antics for two years, the actress recently called it quits. Rasika Sunil has been roped in to replace the light-eyed beauty in the show and we couldn’t be more excited.

Watch her in an episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko.

Isha had stepped in the role of Shanaya two years ago and had managed to grab everyone’s attention in a short span of time. Her character of Shanaya added spice to the already hit show. Some episodes earlier, Shanaya had joined forces with Radhika and the fans were interested to see where the plot would head to next. After a long break due to the lockdown restrictions, the show had resumed shoots a week ago. Like every other actor, Isha was just as excited to rejoin the shoots. However, she apparently started having an incessant fever because of her wisdom teeth. The actress had to undergo an operation to get them removed and hence couldn’t make it to the shoot schedule. In such a state, Isha felt that it wouldn’t be fair to keep the producers waiting and decided to quit the show. The actress bid farewell to her fans by posting a video message on her Instagram profile and captioned it as “One last time, Shanaya”.

Isha reiterated that she quit only after having a discussion with the makers and that there was no bad blood involved. In fact, the talented actress was glad to end her run on a happy note. In an interview with a popular publishing website, the actress said, “It was a practical decision and I didn’t want the producers to incur losses because of me. I will miss my co-actors.” Isha is set to be replaced by Rasika Sunil who had previously played the role of Shanaya before quitting midway to pursue her education in the US. Speaking about it Isha said, “It was so kind of Rasika to have agreed to fill in the spot immediately. In fact, we chatted and she asked me if there’s anything that needs to be added to the character.”

Both the fans and Rasika’s co-stars are thrilled to welcome her back on the show. Zee Marathi recently released promos featuring Abhijeet Khandkekar aka Gurunath, Anita Date aka Radhika, Adwait Dadarkar aka Saumitra, and Ruchira Jadhav aka Maya who can be seen getting excited upon hearing the news of the original Shanaya’s return. You can watch the promos below.

It would surely be a treat to watch Rasika in the skin of Shanaya again and we can’t wait for it! How excited are you though?

What would you miss the most about Isha Keskar as Shanaya? Let us know in the comment section.

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