Phulpakhru 5 April 2019 Written Update Of Episode: Vaidehi Refuses Shubham’s Business Deal

Vaidehi tells Shubham that they should not include business in their friendship.

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April 5, 2019


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In the last episode of Phulpakhru, we saw Manas gets shocked to see Revati who meets him as the managing director of RBK music company. He then questions her for lying about being a reporter. On the other side, Shubham comes to meet Vaidehi in her office but because she is busy they do not end up meeting. After waiting for a very long time, he decides to go and leaves his visiting card with the receptionist.

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In today’s episode, we see Revati tells Manas about her reality and she tells him that RBK music company is named after her name that is Revati Bhargav Kotibhaskar. She then tells him that she wanted to make sure that the company is choosing the right person that is why she met him as a journalist.

Shubham meets Vaidehi for coffee and while talking about business, he suggests her make him their new business partner so that they can be beneficial for each other but Vaidehi refuses this offer.

On the other hand, Revati tells Manas how she proved her point as she earlier told him that every artist needs support to reach new heights. She then tells how she came to know about Manas and had a curiosity to know him before offering the contract. Manas gets a call from Vaidehi and he tells her that he is rejecting the contract from RBK music company. Vaidehi and Revati both get shocked to hear this from Manas. Manas then asks Vaidehi to disconnect the call. Manas then tells Revati that even he doesn’t like to work according to others and leaves the place.

After coming home, Vaidehi asks Manas about his sudden decision. Manas then tells Atya about Revati and how she lied to him. Listening to this Vaidehi gets angry but she also tells Manas how she took efforts to get him this opportunity and he should have taken some time before deciding rather than an impulsive decision.

Manas then gets hurt and asks her to leave him alone and goes to the bedroom. In the evening Atya and Vaidehi are making arrangements for Gudi Padwa and Atya tells her to go and talk to Manas and she will take care of the kitchen. Vaidehi then gets a call from Shubham and she tells him that henceforth they should not include business in their friendship.

What will Shubham do to become Vaidehi’s business partner? Keep watching to know more.

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