Kundali Bhagya Written Update 28 September 2020: Mahira Wears A Ghungat To Replace Preeta

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Kenneth Carneiro

September 25, 2020



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In the latest episodes of Kundali Bhagya, Mahira goes to Preeta’s room while she is getting ready for the reception. Preeta is shocked to see Mahira wearing the same sari as her. Mahira reveals her plan to get Preeta kidnapped and take her place at the wedding reception. Preeta’s family arrives at the Luthra House and Rakhi welcomes them but Kareena tries to insult them. Pawan, Prithvi’s brother, reaches the Luthra House with a plan to kidnap Preeta. Mahira knocks Preeta unconscious with a cricket stump when she tries to escape from the room.

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Next week, Mahira hits Preeta on the head making her unconscious. She sees the wound on Preeta’s head and goes to make sure that Preeta is not dead.

Janki bumps into Pawan at the reception. Despite hiding his face with a hat and fake beard, Janki realises that he is related to Prithvi.

Pawan gets angry at Mahira for hurting Preeta’s forehead. He tells her that is crazier that Prithvi and he will not forgive her the next time.

Karan thinks it will be funny to punish Preeta by making her meet and spend time with all of his annoying relatives and goes to his room

Pawan thinks that Karan is the real enemy who stole Preeta from Prithvi. Mahira is scared when Pawan threatens to kill Karan too.

Karan enters the room and thinks Preeta is wearing a ghungat again. He gets suspicious when she refuses to talk or argue with him.

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