Fingertip: 5 Things We All Can Learn From This ZEE5 Original Series

In this web-post, we will tell you about the things that we all can learn from Fingertip, a series directed by Shivakar.

August 23, 2019


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How often are you able to relate to something that you watch on the screen? And how many times have you been able to feel the jitters? We live in the age of the internet, and sadly, voluntarily or involuntarily, we have chosen to stay in glass-walled rooms. ZEE5’s latest Tamil Original Series Fingertip is a result of a beautifully drafted script driven by sincere efforts to unveil the adverse effects of the misuse of social media.

In this web-post, we will tell you about the things that we all can learn from Fingertip, a series directed by Shivakar and produced by Vishnu Vardhan Films.

1. Stop Being Greedy

In the first episode, we see how Rekha loses her sense of balance after greed overpowers her values. She no longer remains the woman of substance that attracted Vijay towards her. Her addiction to an App called Clicker makes her destroy the home that she built.

2. Anger-Management

In the second episode, a retired banker bears the brunt of his and someone else’s fury. If he had been able to maintain calm, he wouldn’t have had to undergo trauma. Misuse of an App called Gibber turns his world upside down. Sad.

3. Stop Being Impulsive

Vidhya and Priya are friends who study in the same college. They are modern, buddy and sociable girls of today’s generation. But one incident ruins not just their bond, but an entire family. Vidhya’s impulsiveness destroys Priya’s image and her family’s reputation. One single post on an App called Myamigo proves disastrous.

4. Don’t Nurture Lust

There’s a thin line between passion and lust. Raghavan, an IT professional, meets an undergraduate student named Sandhya through a dating App called Cupid. The arrow shot by the Cupid hits the wrong notes and only causes irreparable damage.

5. Don’t Be Revengeful

You must learn to forgive people because you must help yourself. You won’t be able to move on if you hold grudges. Moreover, vengeance is of no good to anyone. The last episode of Fingertip highlights this aspect that often becomes the cause of destruction. It shows how an A-list actor invites destruction by misusing an App called Expressit.

Starring Sunaina, Madusudhan Rao, Akshara Hassan, Gayathri and Ashwin Kakumanu, Fingertip is a must-watch series. Check it out right here and for more entertainment, watch Lisaa, a horror film with a social message, only on ZEE5.

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