Exclusive: How Does Prabhu Manage To Stand Out In Sathya? Vishnu Vijay Opens Up

May 13, 2019


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Actor Vishnu Vijay is an actor who is famous for having played different and distinct roles in movies as well as TV shows. Currently, we know this actor for as Prabhu in Sathya that streams on ZEE5. In this show, we see Prabhu juggling with his emotions for Divya, a part played by Koli Ramya and Sathya, a role essayed by Ayesha.

Watch the relationship as it blooms in between Prabhu and Sathya.

In an exclusive interview with us, Vishnu spoke about his character and the traits that make it stand out from the rest of the characters in the array of TV serials. ” The character of Prabhu and its success has given me an immense amount of confidence, which I do not want to let go.” Further speaking about the distinctness of the character, the actor said, “Honestly speaking, this character “Prabhu” has a dual nature to his credit, one where he is the innocent, jovial and a soft-hearted person and the other where he is like most of us with certain desires and wishes in life.”

Vishnu and Ayesha
A still from Sathya

The actor elaborates the difference and says, “This difference is clear when he brings it out with Divya and Sathya. With Divya, he is more of a romantic guy who has this desire to get married to a beautiful looking girl but somewhere you should realise that is not his true self. With Sathya, we see him being true to himself. He will be more comfortable with Sathya as here he gets to bring out his real nature.”

Thus,  we can see that this difference in nature forms one of the basic conflicts of the series and also is the crux around which the story is woven around. But even with only a few episodes to its credit, Sathya has managed to spike the interest of its viewers. Let us hope that it continues to do so and wish Vishnu and the others the best, to reach new heights.

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