Adhirindi Episode 12: Venu Steals The Show With One Statement, “Please Question My Answer”

Sneha Bale

March 6, 2020


3 min

Previously in Adhirindi, the show got two new hosts, Ravi and Bhanu. While Ravi cashed in on a dashing entry, he was upset upon seeing his ‘bro’-like friend as the co-host. Bhanu and Ravi took over the episode, but not before Saddam passed hilarious comments on them. The episode was carried on with the same enthusiasm as Gully Boyz performed their act. RP and Chandra kept the pace, while Venu made a bang with his act of taking Arjun Reddy to the Mughal era.

Watch the promo for the next episode here:

This week in the comedy show, Gully Boyz go grand and gaga with their act. While Saddam acts as the head of the family, he also makes the most stupid mistakes, on which you cannot hold your laughter no matter how hard you try. Oh, you should also be ready to meet his ‘small’ son and ‘smaller’ grandson.

Gully Boyz in Adhirindi Episode 12
Gully Boyz in Adhirindi Episode 12

Dhanraj shows off his musical skills as he tries to talk to the cast of Brahmaji’s upcoming film, O Pitta Katha. The highlight of this act, however, will be Brahmaji’s unhindered and sardonic replies to Dhanraj. RP goes back to the basics and aims to become an IPS officer. Wondering how? Well, he can do it only if his father drives an autorickshaw and fund his education.

RP Riders in Adhirindi Episode 12
RP Riders in Adhirindi Episode 12

Venu acts as the drunk man finding questions to deep and profound questions in life. After gulping down a bottle of alcohol, he cannot standstill. But hey, if you can’t stand still after drinking, how does the bottle standstill after having so much alcohol in it? He adds, “please question my answer” pointing his finger straight to Naga Babu.

Can you solve his puzzle? Watch the full episode on March 8, 2020, on ZEE5, before TV. Watch the previous episodes here and do not forget to check out all the updates here.

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