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Zindagi Shows ‘Noorpur Ki Rani’ And ‘Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar’ Address Molestation

Jessica David

August 5, 2020

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ZEE5 portrays the lives of Noorie and Maham who become victims of sexual harassment in their own homes. Watch how they stay strong and fight it.

Shedding light on social, political and religious issues, ZEE5 has digitally released 20+ Zindagi shows across various genres. While Mastana Mahi talks about socio-political bondages, a series like Aaj Rang Hai highlights the state of the family feuds. Ranging across genres, these out-of-the-box shows will surprise you with a bag full of feelings. Two distinct shows that boldly address sexual harassment against women and its repercussions; Noorpur Ki Rani is the story of Noorie, an orphan girl who strangely goes from rags to riches and Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar depicts the life of a grief-stricken young lady, Maham.

Watch the trailer of Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar here:

In Noorpur Ki Rani, Sanam Baloch essays the character of Noorulain Aneez aka Noorie. She stays with her uncle and aunt after she loses her parents as a young child. She carries the spirit of optimism and dreaming big despite all her hardships. Suddenly, her chacha passes away and her chachi drops her off at an orphanage. There, she sees Shehzaadi Rania (Mahnoor Baloch) and wishes to live her life. Noorie daydreams of changing the title song of the series into reality, which is “Kaath ke ghar ko chhodke, mehelon mein jaa basegi.”

One day, Noorie is sent to a rich man, Akbar’s house by Shahida from the orphanage. Wide-eyed to see the world outside, Noorie tries to cherish every moment of walking into a big house which almost seems like a palace. While sleeping at night, Akbar sneaks into Noorie’s room and starts touching her inappropriately. He strokes her face in a sleazy manner and makes her uncomfortable. Noorie who has begun going to school and is affected by this traumatic experience. She fails her exams and weeps incessantly as she bottles her feelings inside.

Maham and Bakhtyar in Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar

On the other hand, the show Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar tells the tale of Maham’s (Mehwish Hayat) sufferings and struggles in her in-laws’ house. She is a young woman in her 20s, who falls in love with Umer (Ahsan Khan), who loves her back. Umer’s family is against their relationship but his older brother, Bakhtyar persuades his parents to accept their marriage. Maham finds out that Bakhtyar does so because he has been stalking her for quite a long time. On Maham’s wedding night, Bakhtyar sneaks into her room in Umer’s absence.

When Bakhtyar is caught red-handed while trying to sexually harass Maham, he succeeds in mounting the entire blame on her head. Umer’s believes him and divorces Maham. To fight for her rights and take revenge, Maham comes back and marries her molester Bakhtyar. One by one, she avenges all her insults and atrocities by torturing him. While overhearing Bakhtyar, Umer learns that this was entirely Bakhtya’s conspiracy. Filled with remorse, Umer apologises to Maham and begs for another chance but she chooses her self-respect.

To find out how Noorie copes with cruelty, watch all the episodes of Noorpur Ki Rani, streaming only on ZEE5.

Stay tuned for Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar, premiering on May 1, 2020, exclusively under #SummerOfEmotions on ZEE5.

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