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ZEE5 Super Family League (ZSFL): Rules Of The Game And How To Play It

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November 19, 2020

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ZEE5 presents India’s first fantasy game for TV show viewers. Read below to find out how to play this exciting game and get ready to participate and win big!

ZEE5 has introduced a one-of-a-kind game that will not only test your fandom but also help you engage better with your favourite characters. ZEE5 Super Family League (ZSFL) allows the fans to pick their favorite on-screen characters across all the ZEE5 shows and curate their own ‘super family’. With roles such as Saas, Bahu, Beta, Dost, etc to fill in, the players can place bets on how the chosen characters will act out in the day’s TV episode and stand to win rewards.

Watch how to play ZSFL here:

Here is a step-by-step guide to this super fun and engaging game:

1) Make your super family 

The first step is to choose any six of your favorite characters from ZEE5 shows and make a super family of your own.












2) You will need ‘hearts’ 

To make your favorite characters a member of your super family, you will need a lot of hearts. For example, 90 hearts are needed to add Pragya to your family whereas 95 are needed to add Abhi. As soon as the game starts, you will be awarded 400 bonus hearts that can be used to create your super family.












3) Play every day and win stars

To take part in this contest, you must play every day and submit your super family. You even win stars based on the actions taken by your family members in the episodes. For example, you win 100 stars when characters go on a date and 75 stars when they perform a couple dance.












4) Reach the next level and win a prize

The game consists of 4 levels. As you win more and more stars, you proceed to the next level and can even win grand prizes. After the game season ends, you may even win a car if you have acquired the maximum number of stars!












Here is how you can win this game:

1) Keep changing family members: 

Keep changing your family members to increase the chances of you winning the game. You can make a maximum of two changes in the family members in a day.












2) Get boosters

There are several boosters that you can get throughout the game. These boosters help you win a lot of stars. These boosters can be bought with the help of hearts.












3) Win Bonus hearts

You can win a lot of bonus hearts by submitting your super family well in time. You can also win extra hearts by watching ZSFL videos and sharing them with your friends and family! All the best with the game.

For more information related to ZSFL, visit ZEE5!

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