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ZEE5 Super Family League (ZSFL): Are You Eligible To Play This Exciting Game? Find Out Below

Tanvi Dhote

November 19, 2020

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Obsessed with your ZEE5 shows? Now create your own ZEE5 family and play in the ZEE5 Super Family League to win exciting prizes. Here’s how you can be eligible to play in ZSFL.

Your favourite ZEE shows have now become a part of your life. But now, these ZEE show characters can become your gaming family. All thanks to the ZEE5’s new gaming app the ZEE5 Super Family League. This game allows you to win daily prizes while selecting your very own family across several ZEE5 shows. So which Zee show fans are eligible for this brand new game? Find out below.

Many ZEE shows have kept their fans hooked for years. Since the launch of the ZEE5 app, fans can now catch these episodes online even if they miss it on air. Over the years, these shows have managed to create their very own base. These fans can now receive a chance to be rewarded for their loyalty.

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ZEE5 has launched a gaming app, called the ZEE5 Show Super Family League that allows them to create their very own fictional family. This fictional family can be created by selecting characters from various ZEE5 shows. For example, in your ZSFL family, your Patni/Premika could be Preeta from Kundali Bhagya and your Pati/Premi could be Veer from Apna Time Bhi Aayega.

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Who are eligible to be a part of ZSFL?

Like every other online, ZSFL also has some eligibility criteria. First and foremost, every ZEE5 audience who wants to participate in the game has be a registered user (participant). Here are some other rules every registered user has to fulfill.

  • The participant has to be an individual.
  • He/ she needs to be an Indian citizen or residing in India
  • The participant has to be 18 and above
  • A participant needs to be legally eligible to enter into a contract.


The ZEE5 app will be announcing the daily winners of the game. Apart from the daily winners, level winners will also be announced. The grand prize of this brand new game is a car. Whereas, the second prize is a Smart LED TV. Apart from these grand prizes, participants also have a chance to win smartphones and gift vouchers.

Source: ZEE5 app

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