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Wow Wednesday: The way Jamuna stands up to Bhushan’s vile threats will amaze you!


August 19, 2020

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The lead character from this latest Zee Bangla TV show always demonstrates incredible courage! Take a look at this instance.

In the latest Zee Bangla TV serial Jamuna Dhaki, the lead character Jamuna (played by actor Sweta Bhattacharya) is a female dhaki! Now how many women do we see among those drumming away at a big puja pandal, providing the pulse, rhythm and entire spirit of the occasion? Not too many, because it is a predominantly male-dominated field for several reasons, one of them being that these drums (dhak) are rather large and heavy for feminine shoulders. However, Jamuna is quite the pro and does her job with grace and ease while raising many eyebrows. Not only is Jamuna a good dhaki, she has the strength and character of a lion! Let’s look at the time that she stood up to Bhushan, a man who came to demand money from her family.

Watch the episode from Jamuna Dhaki here:

Bhushan storms into Jamuna’s humble home one day, threatening to enslave her mother and do unspeakable things to Jamuna herself if she didn’t pay him the money that her family apparently owed him. Jamuna’s mother and sister tremble in fright. But Jamuna’s reaction is priceless– she stops him mid-sentence and gives him a look so fierce that it would scare the great Greek god Zeus himself! She warns him not to say any further, and tosses the money to him.

Jamuna Dhaki
Source: ZEE5

Bhushan, who Jamuna still respectfully calls Bhushan Kaku out of respect, tries to use this very card of being senior to her against her. He says that he is her father’s age, and Jamuna throws this fact back at him. She points out that if such a senior citizen has the nerve to be so crude and intimidating, it really is a matter of disgrace! She shames him for his disgusting behaviour, and her family members are most grateful for managing the situation so well.

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