Wow Wednesday: 5 Ways That Kadambini From The Latest Bangla Serial Continues To Inspire Us

We got you some of the ways in which Bengal’s first female doctor continues to amaze us even today! Check it out.


July 8, 2020


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The latest Zee Bangla TV serial Kadambini on ZEE5, is all about Dr Kadambini Ganguly, who was the first female doctor in Bengal! Actor Ushasi Ray plays the titular protagonist and brings to life this amazing historical character. Take a look at some of the ways in which Kadambini manages to inspire us even today!

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1. First Female Physician

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Dr Kadambini Ganguly spelled out a series of firsts in history. Not only was she the first woman to become a physician and surgeon in Bengal, she was a pioneer in this regard in all of South Asia! Imagine a time when it was frowned upon for ladies to be entertaining such an ambition even, let alone achieve it. Kadambini managed to do all this and more, despite all kinds of social hurdles that were present that sought to bring her down.

2. One Of The First Women To Graduate

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Kadambini was the one of the first females to graduate with a degree in India! This was an era where education was not considered a priority for women, as traditionally, women were usually brought up to be good housewives. Their whole life before marriage was spent in training  for this, so Kadambini was definitely an outlier who broke the norms in order to pursue her own career in medicine.

3. Made Calcutta Medical College Finally Admit Women

Source: ZEE5

Kadambini was a leader in every way. She practised medicine selflessly in order to serve society, and excelled in the field. She always stood firmly by her beliefs, and it was her lectures that struck a chord and led to Calcutta Medical College finally admitting female students into the institution. Now if that isn’t girl power…

4. Socially Inclined

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Kadambini was always inclined towards social service, even before she became a doctor. Being the daughter of Braja Kishore Basu, a Brahmo Samaj reformer, Kadambini devoted much of her time to social causes, which later fuelled her passion to take up medicine.

5. A Well-Rounded Individual

Source: ZEE5

Kadambini became a mother to eight children after she became a doctor, and balanced both her family and career with absolute finesse! She managed the housework alongside her practice of medicine, and was an expert at needlework. When the going gets tough, take a moment to remember this exceptional individual, and you are sure to feel inspired!

In which of these ways does Kadambini inspire you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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