With Brahmarakshas 2 Going Off-Air, Here’s Taking A Look At Some Of The Best Scenes From The Show

As Brahmarakshas 2 goes off-air on April 4, here’s taking a look at the best scenes from the show. 

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April 1, 2021


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Brahmarakshas 2 revolves around Kalindi (Nikki Sharma) and Angad (Pearl V Puri) who fight a demon called Brahmarakshas. This demon is known for killing the brides of the village on their wedding day. When the demon comes to know about the girl who has the power to kill him, he returns to kill her. While the show had a great run on the TV, makers decided to end it rather than dragging it any further. As Brahmarakshas 2 goes off-air on April 4, here’s recalling some of the best scenes from the show.

The First introduction of Brahmarakshas

At the start of the show, Tantric Jwala becomes Brahmarakshas. He then acquires Vardhan’s body to attend Meenakshi’s wedding. This is the first time viewers see the real avatar of Brahmarakshas as he wanders in the forest in search of the woman who can kill him.

When Kalindi met Angad

Shakti and Damini come to India with their sons, Angad and Robin. They meet Prithvi and Shalini at their house. Both Angad and Robin go to explore India, where Kalindi hits Angad with her scooter. This is the first time when Angad meets Kalindi and fans of the couple couldn’t stop swooning over them. Later, Robin makes a video of them because of which Kalindi gets furious.

Kalindi sees Brahmarakshas for the first time

During Paridhi’s Roka ceremony, Brahmarakshas who has acquired Vardhan’s body finds it difficult to control his inner demon. Brahmarakshas takes Paridhi’s fiance with him and Kalindi follows. As Kalindi hides behind a tree, she sees Brahmarakshas for the first time. She gets shocked and later faints after seeing the demon.

Angad’s drunk proposal for Kalindi

During a party, Angad gets drunk and talks to Kalindi. He compliments her as she gets dressed in a red saree. Angad then goes down on his knees and proposes to Kalindi. She is surprised but later gets to know that he was drunk and hence the proposal.

Kalindi’s death

As Kalindi finds out the truth about Brahmarakshas acquiring Robin’s body, she plans to kill the demon. However, Angad misunderstands Kalindi and thinks that she will kill Robin too. While Kalindi saves Robin and kills Brahmarakshas, Angad shoots her and we believe she has breathed her last.

Chandni’s entry in Brahmarakshas 2

Brahmarakshas 2 took a leap of two years after Kalindi’s death. Kalindi’s twin Chandni made an entry in the show and she was totally different from Kalindi. Angad first saw her at an event where she was performing and later it is revealed that she is actually a crook who is running from the police.

Chandni proposes to Angad

When Angad gets permission to come back from the hospital, Chandni makes decorations in the house to welcome him. Angad comes home and gets really happy seeing all the decorations. He then solves a puzzle which leads him to Chandni. She gets down on her knees and proposes to him. While he rejects her proposal earlier, he realizes that Chandni is a good girl and agrees to be with her.

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