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March 30, 2021



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Who doesn’t love a good supernatural show? It has all the elements you need for a good entertaining watch. Whether it is drama, action, romance, or thrill, these shows are filled with it. Combine that with a captivating supernatural twist and you’ve got yourself an addictive show to binge on. If you’re one of us, who loves such content then Brahmarakshas 2 is the perfect show for you. And for those who couldn’t watch the show earlier, it’s now possible to binge-watch all its episodes with ZEE5 ATM.

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Brahmarakshas 2, starring Pearl V Puri and Nikki Sharma in lead roles, is one of the most popular shows on Zee TV, and rightly so. It has been captivating the audience with its thrilling storyline and good-looking cast. Bramharakshas 2, much like its prequel, revolves around a demon wreaking havoc in a village. In the first part, we saw a Demon Gorilla that killed newly married women who wore bridal jewellery and vermillion, as it reminded him of his wife Aparajita, who betrayed him and killed him for his wealth. However, the storyline of Bramharakshas 2 is completely different from its prequel.

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The story of Bramhrakashas 2 starts when an opulent man tries to marry off a little girl to an evil Tantrik. The twist in the tale comes, when the Tantrik is killed by a wolf fuelled by Goddess Kali’s power. But the story doesn’t end there. Even though the girl is saved, the soul of that Evil Tantrik gets transferred into the wolf making it a demon wolf aka Bramharakshas.

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The young girl Kalindi, is now all grown up and is shown to be prepping up for a relative’s wedding. But little does she know that the evil that tried to destroy her life as a child, is now back with more power and rage, as a Bramharakshas. How will the demon wolf create chaos in Kalindi and her blooming love life, is what follows in the rest of the story.

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